Successful Atlanta Music Producer Remembers Toledo’s Roots

Anthony Clint, 36, has produced music for primetime television, Netflix series and major sporting events. Clint is a Scott High School and his OSU graduate.

ATLANTA — For 36-year-old music producer Anthony Clint, being born and raised in Toledo is very personal.

Although, scott high school The graduate has gone on to become a successful commercial music producer, but he says he never forgets his roots.

“I graduated from Scott High School in 2005. I was a bulldog and I will always be a bulldog,” Clint said.

After high school, Clint graduated from Ohio State University and headed to Atlanta.

Clint and another musical talent from Toledo, Nate Hicks, collaborated on the song “”.wrong person. ”

“We pitched the song to a publisher and it ended up being on NBC’s Grand Crew,” Clint said.

The Grand Crew is a comedy that tells the story of black professionals in Los Angeles. variety magazine Grand Crew was described as “warm and well-intentioned, and performs best when it explores the dynamics between circles of friends.”

This is one of Clint’s many achievements, having grown up in a house near Central Avenue and Boston Place in central Toledo. His work has featured in a Netflix series, a Detroit Pistons pre-game show, an NAACP awards show, and his BET show called The Family Business.

“There were times when I would get distracted and lose focus if left alone,” Clint said of his time growing up in Toledo. “But being involved with music from an early age kept me focused.”

Clint shares his wealth of musical knowledge on his YouTube channel. clint songSo he wants to guide young entrepreneurs through the process of branding their music for commercial use. Successful Atlanta Music Producer Remembers Toledo’s Roots

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