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‘Sundaes with the Sheriff’ celebrates what childhood should be

Wintersville, Ohio (WTRF) – What better way to spend a Sunday than to enjoy it?

Caring Place Child Advocacy Center Working with Jefferson County law enforcement, we showed our appreciation for all they do in a sweet way.

***Sundaes with the Sheriff event this Sunday (wtrf.com)***

This was the second “Sundaes with the Sheriff” event at Wintersville’s Crossroads Ministry Center, but this time everyone was free to enjoy ice cream, inflatables, mini golf and the fun ACP has to offer .

April is Child Abuse Awareness Month, and ACP Director Amy Ringerfeldt says she just wants to see kids having fun.

“I wanted a chance to really celebrate what childhood should be like, and for me it’s free, fun, and fun. If you’ve seen windmills all over the county, that’s what they represent. These professionals do these sad things, they see the worst of humanity every day, and they look at happy children and wonder why they do what they do. I wanted to give them a chance to remember.”

Amy Ringerfeldt – ACP Director

ACP is a non-profit organization funded by donations.

If you would like to support their mission to be leading advocates for the cure and prevention of child abuse, you can make a donation at their website here. Home | Caring Places (acaringplacecac.org)

https://www.wtrf.com/jefferson-county/sundaes-with-the-sheriff-celebrates-what-childhood-should-be/ ‘Sundaes with the Sheriff’ celebrates what childhood should be

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