Sunny Friday.Great forecast for the Buckeyes before the rain hits

Quick weather forecast:

  • Today: Clear skies, light breezes, maximum temperature of 51 degrees
  • Tonight: Mostly sunny with a minimum temperature of 30 degrees
  • Saturday: few clouds, overnight rain, maximum temperature of 55°C
  • Sunday: Heavy rain, strong winds, maximum temperature of 57°C
  • Monday: Partly sunny with a high of 46
  • Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, high 53°C

Forecast discussion:

Happy Friday!

After a beautiful vacation in central Ohio, showers rocked the area for a few hours Friday morning, but only for a few hours. Rain activity swept through the area as the cold front passed, pushing it out of our area this morning. Behind it, temperatures will peak in his high 50s, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday under sunny skies.

Friday night is the perfect time to plan a Football Friday Night. The skies are clear, the temperature at kickoff is in the high 40s for him and the temperature at the end of the game is in the mid 30s.

All eyes will be on Saturday as the Buckeyes prepare to face the North team. Excited to say the weather is working in our favor! Light winds and clear skies for the first half. Temperatures at kickoff will be in his mid-40s and highs will be in his mid-50s. Cloud cover will gradually increase by the end of the game, then showers later in the evening and into Sunday night.

Heavy rain will start from the southwest early Sunday morning. This will lead to rain all day on Sunday, along with strong winds. Wind gusts of up to 40 miles per hour are possible in some areas beyond the frontal boundary. The highest will be in his late fifties.

Skies will gradually clear on Monday, with highs in the mid-40s behind a cold front.

Cloud cover will begin to pick up through Tuesday, but highs will return to the high 50s. Heading into Wednesday, the next rain is coming.

– McKenna

https://www.nbc4i.com/weather/forecast/clearing-skies-friday-great-forecast-for-the-buckeyes-before-rain-arrives/ Sunny Friday.Great forecast for the Buckeyes before the rain hits

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