Suspect backflips during sobriety test : Broadview Heights police

Broadview Heights, Ohio (WJW) – Police officers see all sorts of crazy DUI traffic jams, but one of the OVI suspects made headlines after trying to prove he was drunk by doing a backflip. I’m here.

Broadview Heights police pulled over 27-year-old Tanner Watson for speeding. Watson admitted that he had gone out drinking with his friends and had three or four beers, but officers suspected more than that.

The officer noted that Watson appeared to be having trouble with his first breathalyzer test, and when he instructed him to walk in a straight line, Watson volunteered his own version of the sobriety test, a standing position. performed a backflip.

The video reveals Watson later got into an argument after officers told him his movements didn’t prove he was sober.

In the video, the officer eventually grew weary of arguing with Watson over his instructions for walking in a straight line.

He was arrested on OVI charges and turned in for speeding.

After his arrest, Watson expressed disappointment at not being able to convince the police that he was sober.

The 27-year-old man appeared in court on Thursday and was charged with OVI. He is now free on bail.

https://www.wtrf.com/ohio/watch-ohio-ovi-suspect-does-backflip-during-sobriety-test/ Suspect backflips during sobriety test : Broadview Heights police

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