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Taylor Russell receives Wagner Community Leadership Award for exemplary service to Zanesville

In recognition of her outstanding dedication and unwavering commitment to improving the Zanesville community, Taylor Russell has been selected as this year’s recipient of the prestigious Wagner Community Leadership Award. Mr. Russell’s unwavering commitment to the city he calls home spans his more than 14 years, and this recognition is a fitting tribute to his extraordinary contributions.

Russell is a 2008 graduate. Ohio University Zanesville. Dr. Hannah Nissensaid the Director of Campus Community Relations.Taylor has contributed to the Zanesville community in a variety of ways over the years. His leadership is inspiring. He believes in this community and what it has to offer. Taylor’s efforts have helped expand and enhance the opportunities Zanesville offers to the region. ”

Zanesville - Russell Wagner Award and Family

For more than a decade, Russell has been an integral part of the Zanesville Jaycees, volunteering his time and expertise to a variety of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for residents. Mr. Russell has served in key leadership roles including Secretary, Vice President and President, demonstrating his deep-rooted passion for exceptional leadership and community involvement.

Despite his personal accolades, Russell remains humble and credits his success to the collective efforts of the team he has had the privilege of working with.

“I wouldn’t say that’s the only thing I did,” Russell said. “The organization that I was lucky enough to be a part of really touched Zanesville in a great location.”

Beyond his involvement with the Zanesville Jaycees, Russell has had significant influence on various boards, including the Carr Center and the Muskingum County Safety Council. Remarkably, he juggles his extensive volunteer work with his full-time role as factory safety manager for Nestlé and Purina. Russell embodies the spirit of selflessness and civic responsibility.

Zanesville - Russell Wagner Award

For Russell, Zanesville is more than just a place. It’s a community worth investing your time and effort into.

“Zanesville is a great place. I always hate to hear people say they just want to get out of here. It’s great that kids are interested in things around here and want to be here. is one of the reasons I think this is a great place to work, play, and stay.”

The Muskingum County Community Foundation presented Mr. Russell with the Brian T. Wagner Community Leadership Award at its annual Groundhog Day Celebration on January 26th.

https://www.ohio.edu/news/2024/02/taylor-russell-honored-wagner-community-leadership-award-exemplary-service-zanesville Taylor Russell receives Wagner Community Leadership Award for exemplary service to Zanesville

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