The 10 Best Tips For Sending Your Save The Date Card

Yes, you are getting married! Of course, you also want to shout this from the rooftops and inform your guests about the wedding date! But what should you pay attention to when sending a save the date. What are you putting on it? So that everyone can put the date on the plan in advance. I made this blog with tips, so you know what to look out for.

1.    Send When You Know The Wedding Date

Of course, you want to shout from the rooftops that you are getting married. Still, you only send the save the date card when you have recorded the wedding date at the municipality and at the wedding location. Don’t forget to mention the date on your save the date. Mention the date well because you write the month and day in small letters, such as Saturday 20 February 2024.

2.    When Do You Save The Date?

In principle, you save the date one year to six months in advance. Are you getting married abroad? Then it is useful to do this earlier, about a year to 16 months in advance, so that your guests can already arrange any flight tickets and take longer than 1 day off.

3.    Separate Save The Date For Day Guests & Evening Guests

Do you want to send all guests a save the date? Then it is useful to do a split between the different guests. This can be done, for example, by stating whether your guests are invited for the day or just for the evening. With a save the date for evening guests, you can also use the name save the evening or save the night. This way, your guests know right away whether they need to take a day off for your wedding.

The 10 Best Tips For Sending Your Save The Date Card


4.    Choose A Wedding Style For The Full Style Of Your Wedding

How nice is it if you save the date as the start of your wedding day because if you choose a wedding house style, it is nice to extend this to the wedding cards and the rest of the wedding? In this way, your wedding house style becomes a recognizable element at the wedding. Everyone has a good impression of your wedding. With the style you choose, the guests will immediately see your style of the wedding, and that’s why it’s great when the party has already started.

5.    Include Wedding Location?

Although you want to show where you are getting married, you do not have to mention your wedding location on the save the date. However, are you getting married abroad, do you have many foreign guests, or do you offer a hotel stay? Then it is useful to mention this.

6.    Do Not Include A Program Yet

Of course, you want to share your big day, but an extensive program description is not yet necessary to mention this on the save the date. Perhaps something changes last-minute on your schedule, and you don’t want to have to correct your program for your guests. Send the program with the wedding invitation, containing all other detailed information.

7.    Official Invitation To Be Coming Later

Make a mention on the save the date that your wedding card will follow later. After all, the save the date is a pre-announcement of your marriage. The phrase official invitation follows later is often used for this.

8.    Include Your Surnames

It sounds simple but don’t forget to mention your last names on the save the date. Of course, your guests know you, but it is nice to do this because your guests may know more about Kees& Wendy’s. You can also state your full names at the home address to mention this in a small detail on the save the date.

9.    Include Your Home Address

It is useful to mention the home address so that your guests do not have to look up the address book immediately if they are so nice to send a card.

10.  List A Wedding Site

Are you making a wedding site ? Then it is useful to use a cheap magnet to save the dates. This way, your guests can find more information about your wedding. This is especially useful with a foreign wedding or a wedding with many foreign guests.


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