The best cities for a vegetarian food tour

Exploring the most veggie-friendly cities for conscientious travelers.

People all over the world are growing increasingly aware of their food choices, and actively pivoting to a more conscientious lifestyle. Theglobal trend toward vegetarianism and veganism is gathering steam, creating a massive demand within the food market where restaurants and food chains are exploring and providing meat-free alternatives.Vegetarianism in particular hasskyrocketed, withthe data suggesting that it will not be going out of style anytime soon.

That said, it can still be a daunting task to find veggie-friendly places to eat while visitingabroad.Vegetarian travelersoftenhave toturn down traditional dishes, missing out on cultural opportunitieswhile risking offending locals by being seen as “picky”.

However, with a little research, identifying vegetarian-friendly destinationsis not as hard as you might think. The availability of high-quality meat-free options is on the rise, and not just in famous metropolises like London or Paris.

With this in mind, we have listed belowfour of the best cities in the world for a vegetarian food tour. Some of them – like the New York Food tour – you may expect to see,while others – such as Chicago – you may not.


According to recent studies, Chicago is one of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in the US, and as such is touted as a very popular destination for veggie travelers. Its long-standing vegetarian scene has roots that can be traced back over a hundred years.

The Windy City is home to a plethora of restaurants, food trucks and markets, with a remarkablywide range of high-quality vegetarian and vegan choices that cater to all tastes. Vegetarians are really spoiled for choice here, so visitorsare unlikely to be stuck with a boring salad!

To fully embrace the city and learn about its vegetarian cuisine, a Had to change this from “Food tour Chicago”, which didn’t make sense – hope that’s OK!   Chicago food tour is a fantastic choice. A Chicago Food tour is a great way to avoid run-of-the-millchains and get to know small local businesses instead,whose interesting storiesand hidden gems make up asubstantial part of Chicago’s traditional culture.


Although Italy may not have fully embraced the plant-based movement yet, Rome’s vegetarian scene is growing at a rapid rate, as the trend towards vegetarianismtakes hold.

From pasta al pomodoro tofarinata, pizza and fave e cicoria, Italy’s most famous and touristic cityhas a lot to offer for vegetarians. If you are planning on visiting the Eternal City, you shoulddefinitely treat yourself and book a Rome food tour to access athorough overview of the city’s plant-based food scene.

A food tourwill also provide you with interesting facts and anecdotes about the city’s most famous meat-freedishes, anduncover places that you probably would not think to visit by yourself.

New York

New York does not mess around when it comes to plant-based food. The Big Apple hosts a variety of restaurants whose menus feature a hugeamount of vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Vegetarians willdefinitely findsomewhere to eat in every New York borough – an exciting development, albeit one which makes it difficultto ascertain which places are worth visiting and which are not.

Luckily, websites such as make this process a lot easier. The company offers food tours for veggie travelers, offering the best samples of local plant-based food, ranging from snacksand street food to delicious international cuisine.

Los Angeles

L.A. is one of the most progressive cities in the U.S., and one of the first veggie-friendlycities in the country.Its thriving dining scene includes a growing number of vegan and vegetarian restaurants.

The City of Angels alsogets major credit for embodying a vegetarian lifestyle, and its love for sustainable, fresh, and healthy produce is reflected in its vegan events, clothing stores, and grocery stores, among other businesses. For this reason, the city is home to many major celebrities and professional athletes who have turned to plant-based diets,and are spreading awareness about the benefits of this kind of lifestyle.


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