The Best Sunglasses of the 2021 Fall / Winter Season

If you’re hoping to get just a few more months out of your sunglasses before winter hits, we’ve got you covered! Whether you live 24/7 in your sunglasses or are just looking for a cool accessory to elevate your fall outfits, we’ve come up with a list of the best sunglasses trends to look out for this 2021 Fall / Winter season. From round, John Lennon-style metal frames to retro, rimless glasses, get your credit card ready because these sunglasses styles are absolute must-haves!

  1. Custom Sunglasses 

The latest trend in sunglasses is to customize your own. Customized sunglasses are all about expressing your own unique personality by picking out custom frames, colors, styles and even charms! Many major retailers like Ray-ban and Oakley allow you to customize your own sunglasses from scratch using their online customization platforms. 

Want to create your own custom shades that won’t break the bank? Check out Oakley! Oakley allows you to customize your own sunglasses by picking your frames, adding unique details and then etching your lenses. You’ll enjoy the same quality Oakley offers in all their sunglasses customized to match your own unique style. The best part? You can redeem a free Oakley promo code to save on your next custom pair! 

  1. Round Metal Frames

Round, metal frames have made a comeback this season with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner rocking round frames. But did you know that this style was first made famous by John Lennon in the 1970s? Like most fashion trends, this one has come back with a vengeance with brands like Ray-ban, Persol and Moscot releasing their own versions.

When styling these sunglasses, remember that they’re a bold look that requires a simple outfit to pair them with. Keep the rest of your outfit simple, like a classic tee and jeans, to let these cool frames make the statement themselves.

  1. Original Wayfarers 

Another classic pair of shades that’s made a comeback is the classic wayfarers. Wayfarers are an iconic piece of Americana that were first made famous in the 1955 film “Rebel Without A Cause”. Over the years Wayfarers have reached fashion icon status and we’re even reinvented in 2002 by the brand Ray-ban. Now in 2021 we’re seeing this style remerge on celebrities like Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson.

Wayfarers are a unisex style that are casual and easy to style. If you want to keep it classic, go for a traditional black pair. If you’re looking to add a bit more flair to your look, remember that Wayfarers come in a wide variety of colors and styles so have fun choosing a pair that reflects your personality.

  1. Rimless 

Rimless glasses have become popular amongst eyeglass wearers and this trend has spread to sunglasses as well. Rimless glasses are exactly what they sound like – their sunglasses where the frames don’t have any rims. These sunglasses have a barely-there feel perfect for people that want proper UV protection without having to wear bulky sunglasses.

Just remember when choosing this trend that rimless sunglasses tend to be fragile and are easy to break. Before investing in an expensive pair, gauge how accident prone you are and if you’re willing to commit to caring for fragile frames!

  1. Cat Eye

Our last trend of 2021 sunglasses are the super-feminine style of cat eye sunglasses. Cat eye sunglasses are a vintage-inspired style that are instantly recognizable. Defined by their upswept edges and dramatic frames, these sunglasses are the perfect fit for anyone looking to add some sultry drama to their outfit! When choosing cat eye sunglasses just remember that these sunglasses tend to have very large frames so them might overwhelm smaller faces.

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