The Brief Guide That Makes Getting Rid of an Old Junk Car Simple

If you are wondering whether there is value in your junk car, consider that over 25 million tons of material are recycled annually in the United States. While the worth of an old automobile may not be monetary, it can still be turned over and used by others.

The tires of a car are used to make sandals and roadways, while reclaimed hazardous materials and oils help the environment. The automotive industry for recycling provides material for new cars, as most now have parts made of recycled material.

Before you give up your car ownership completely, make sure you understand the best way to get rid of it by reading this simple guide.

Assess It

Have your car looked at by a mechanic or someone who knows cars. They should be able to tell you what the real state of your vehicle is. They also can help you determine if it has value if fixed up and sold, or if you would be wasting your time.

Don’t Abandon It

If there’s no question of vehicle ownership, abandoning your car is a bad idea. Even though a tow company will remove it from the side of the road or parking lot, you are still responsible for the tow and storage fees. It could eventually lead to tickets, citations, and a lowering of your credit.

Make sure you hold on to it in a legal area until you can get rid of it.

You Don’t Need a Title

If you were going to sell to a private party, you would need to provide a title. But to sell to a licensed junk car buyer, no title is necessary. They may lower the price for administrative costs since some states do require confirmation from the DMV that there is no lien on the car.

If you can’t find a junk dealer to buy your whole car with no title, you can still sell the tires as long as they are in good condition. Clean them up and post them on a local sale site.

Some auction sites can help you sell the valuable parts of your car as well. Clean them up and list them with all the important information, such as make, model, and year.

Shop Around

There are junk car buyers that are looking for specific types of junk cars and are willing to pay more than another buyer might. Call around to some local junkyards and dealers and have them make you an offer. After two or three you will be able to see what your junk car is worth, if anything.

If you aren’t familiar with any local buyers, try a quick search like “cash for cars near me” and see what you find.

Get Rid of Your Junk Car the Right Way

Don’t let that junk car sit any longer in front of your house. Now that you know the different ways you can get rid of it, make it happen. Your house and your neighbors will thank you.

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