The house that Jose built: instructions on housebuilding in Spain

One of the most frequently asked questions from clients acquiring flats in Alicante relates to building their own home. They wonder if it is possible to build a cottage on their own, if it costs less and what difficulties the process is attended with. If you also want to understand the details of this type of construction – read this material.

Step 1. Allotment selection

First of all, you need to find a suitable allotment. To do this, use the Spain-Real.Estate catalog, where using the search and filters you can find a plot for sale in the district of ​​your interest and at a suitable cost.

The cost of plots in Spain depends not only on the number of ares. The following parameters are important as well:

  • Terrain – hills terrain, flat area, if there is slope or not;
  • Place – region, city, village, proximity to the airport and key facilities;
  • Utility systems – their availability will be an advantage and, as a result, the price of such an allotment will be higher.

After you have decided on the allotment, you need to put a deposit, which is usually up to 6 thousand euros.

Step 2. Acquisition

The first contract you sign refers to the amount of the reserve. After that, you will have 1-2 months to prepare for the acquisition of the site. If you have a Spanish legal entity or you can open one, this will be an advantage: 21% of VAT can be refunded from a plot registered for an LLC. And the same amount can be refunded from construction.

Step 3. Construction

You will need the construction license to start construction. And to get it, you need a house project. First you have to find an architect who will make a conceptual design of your house (no interior and details, just the building structure is enough), be it a private villa for yourself, a high-rise block with a hundred apartments for sale, or something else. The conceptual design will cost you 5 thousand euros.

When the design is ready, take the papers and go to the Mayor’s office: hand over the package of documents to get a construction license. The waiting period is from 3 to 12 months. By the way, you will have to pay for receipt of a license as well, but the cost is not fixed. The Mayor’s office will calculate the expected price of your house – the license will cost 4 % of this cost.

After that, when the coveted license is obtained, you need to obtain design and estimate documentation (submittals) – this is not a preliminary, but already the final project of the house, which will take into account all the nuances, right down to the layout, furniture arrangement and color scheme. Typically, such a design is completed within a month.

The next step is to find a contractor who will carry out the estimation of your project budget. At this stage, you can search for several variants and compare prices, and then choose the most optimal variant.

Only after all these procedures, you can finally start building your own home in Spain!

Assistance in the selection of housing in Spain

If you need an assistance in the selection a plot or ready-made housing in Spain, we advise you to contact Spain-Real.Estate. Use the company’s website to get a preliminary look at the existing variants, and after choosing, contact the specialists and find out the maximum details about each property. Also, thanks to the company, you will be able to receive competent assistance on registration issues and obtain the legal support that you will need when concluding a sale and purchase agreement and formalization of ownership.

Start searching for Spanish property now – get one step closer to your dream!

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