The Interrelation of Games and Technology

The Interrelation of Games and TechnologyVideo games have proven to be something of a phenomenon. The world simply cannot get enough of them and their popularity has soared since their inception which remains surrounded in controversy. Originally, people believed that video games were unproductive and even harmful to children who desired to play for fears of behavioural problems developing. Today, these attitudes have, for the most part, ceased and they are embraced by most of the world. They even managed to topple music and films combined to become the biggest industry in entertainment, a marvellous feat considering its relatively young age.

When it comes to how video games were brought about, the responsible party is, of course, the development of technology. Before video games existed, the only games that people were capable of playing were those that could be done physically, like sports or those that could be done on a table, like card or board games. The creation of the computer changed all that and transformed the gaming industry forever by allowing video games to see the light for the first time. This was simply revolutionary; games could now be played on a screen without leaving the house at all. Video games have the deployment of technology to thank for their existence, but in what other ways has technology impacted video games?

Over the pandemic, feelings of loneliness and isolation would have been prevalent across much of society. This would have been because people were confined to their homes to protect others. It was lucky that many had access to video games during this time, as they could always go online to talk and play with friends. Online gaming is only a recent development in the industry, but it can be attributed to the development of technology. Multiplayer experiences have proved incredibly useful during the last few years, and it is clear that many gamers would have utilised it during recent times.

There is no doubt that developing technology affects all industries in the world. Every country pretty much relies on technology to keep afloat; it would be difficult to find a company that does not use technology in some way in their day to day running of things. For example, gambling companies have profited from developing technology as they can now offer things like live-streamed dealers. Those who live in areas like Ohio, here you can find some information on the latest Ohio gambling laws, will have to look elsewhere for their fun.

Human progress is arguably measured by the level of technology it currently possesses, so it is clear that it is vitally important to all industries, especially gaming. Players will no doubt be excited to see what kind of innovations will come from the industry next.


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