The state of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against a local oil and gas disposal company, and a bridge collapse in Maryland has put local bridge safety in the spotlight. Here are this week's top news:

(WTRF) – This week's top news comes from Martins Ferry, Ohio, where oil and gas waste company Austin Master Services operates a brine and drilling waste facility.

Ohio files lawsuit against oil and gas disposal company for allegedly illegally storing excessive amounts of brine and drilling waste at local facility

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost filed a complaint Tuesday in Belmont County Justice Court, which accuses the Pennsylvania-based company of storing hazardous waste in quantities that exceed its permits. did.

The main concern, according to court filings, is the plant's proximity to the Ohio River and drinking water well fields.

West Virginia's vaccination mandate for students will remain in place after DOJ governor vetoes school vaccine bill

Big news came out of West Virginia this week. Governor Jim Justice vetoed House Bill 5105. The bill would eliminate vaccination requirements for virtual public school students and allow private schools to set their own standards.

The judge wrote in part: “Importantly, the vaccines at issue have been needed in this state for decades and have kept our communities safe.”

He went on to discuss other states that are seeing spikes in preventable diseases because of relaxed vaccine requirements.

How safe are the Ohio River bridges?

The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has many people in the Ohio Valley wondering if such a tragedy could happen here.

7News spoke to a Coast Guard bridge supervisor whose duty covers the Midwest, including this region.

There are 90 bridges in the Ohio Valley, and most of the traffic on the Ohio River is barges, not cargo ships, Eric Washburn said.

He said even the largest barges sailing the Ohio River have no chance of causing an accident as catastrophic as the recent collapse in Maryland.

Weirton Medical Center President and CEO says WVU Medicine merger is 'for the next generation'

Now looking at Brooke County… Weirton Medical Center officials this week announced plans to merge with WVU Medicine and officially become a full member of the health system.

WMC President John Frankovich says the merger will secure the hospital's future and ensure patients receive world-class care.

WVU Health System is West Virginia's largest network of hospitals, clinics and specialty organizations, with more than 3,000 licensed beds, 4,000 providers and 30,000 employees.

WMC has had a clinical partnership with WVU Medicine since 2020, with a targeted partnership date of January 2025.

Wheeling Police Department peer liaison bridges the gap between law enforcement and the community

The Wheeling Police Department's new peer liaison began this week.

Erica Biggers accompanies police officers on all mental health and substance abuse calls.

Although police officers come from a law enforcement background, working with colleagues helps bring different perspectives to the job.

Biggers has the background and skills to help people grapple with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Biggers says she may be able to help the person get into a recovery program or get them through an immediate crisis.

She helps them get Medicaid and arrange transportation to appointments.

Officials say Wheeling is the first city in West Virginia to strengthen this type of partnership.

https://www.wtrf.com/top-stories/the-state-of-ohio-pursues-legal-action-against-a-local-oil-and-gas-waste-company-and-the-collapse-of-a-maryland-bridge-brings-the-safety-of-our-local-bridges-into-the-spotlight-here-are-this-weeks/ The state of Ohio has filed a lawsuit against a local oil and gas disposal company, and a bridge collapse in Maryland has put local bridge safety in the spotlight. Here are this week's top news:

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