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The Wheeling Christmas Parade has a different parade route this year

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Everyone wonders: *How* will they pull off the Wheeling Christmas Parade?

Well, Bill Bryson, the event’s host, says it all starts with changing directions to avoid the desolate streets.

Up Market Street, turn left near McLure onto 12th, onto Main, onto 20th.

Mapping the Parade Route for the Wheeling Christmas Parade 2022

So if you’re planning the best place to see Santa, follow this advice!

Importantly, don’t stop at the plaza or the Capitol Music Hall to bring your own chairs. No parade there. change at 12 o’clockth city. That means you have to participate in the market or 12.th Or main to see the parade.

Bill Bryson, Chairman of the Fantasy in Lights Parade

Broadcasting of the parade will begin as usual at 6:30 PM. But 7NEWS is placed at the end of the route.

As such, the parade will depart approximately 10 minutes after 6pm.

More than 80 groups have registered, and Bryson says these changes will make for a better parade despite the construction.

https://www.wtrf.com/wheeling/wheeling-christmas-parade-will-have-a-different-parade-route-this-year/ The Wheeling Christmas Parade has a different parade route this year

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