Things to Do in Ohio at the Weekend 

ohio is absolutely blessed with its geographic location. The state attracts people from all over the country with its beautiful nature, interesting urban life, and seasonality. After all, Ohio can be completely different depending on the season you visit it. Cold winters and hot summers double up the list of things you can do and try in Ohio. However, what to do if you have only one weekend in Ohio when traveling? Or if you live here but want a fun, unusual weekend? The short answer would be, you can do a lot. There are so many things you can fit into a single weekend. Let’s see what those things are. Here’s what you can do in Ohio at the weekend.

Cleveland Museum of Art

You should not skip that museum in your list of things to do in Ohio. The Cleveland Museum of Art has one of the best art exhibitions in the country. It’s worth paying a visit. It doesn’t even matter if you understand or know much about art. Let the art speak to you. Don’t rush your experience. Instead, dedicate a good half of the day to the museum. You won’t regret it. This time won’t just inspire or educate you, but it can be a life-changing experience. In fact, you should start your acquaintance with the state from here. It will set a great start to your weekend. Also, the admission is free, so that’s a nice bonus.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

If that’s not a good reason to visit Ohio, then we don’t know what is. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame carries huge significance not just for tourists but for all rock & roll fans out there. Thousands of people come to the state just to roam the halls of this legendary building. There you can find all kinds of exhibits related to the great rock & roll history. You’ll see personal items that once belonged to rock legends and read about the stories behind the greatest rock & roll hits. Frankly, you can even order a research paper on the history and significance of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Just read the speedypaper review first to pick the best writing service for your request.

Hocking Hills State Park

All nature lovers won’t be able to ignore Hocking Hills State Park even if they try. It’s one of the largest and well-designed parks in Ohio. A great bonus here is that the park remains open throughout the year so that you can see its full beauty in summer and winter. The change of appearance will leave you speechless. Overall, people are allowed to walk around the park only on the designated routes. However, don’t see it as a disadvantage. Hocking Hills State Park probably has the most elaborate system of hiking trails you have ever seen. Hikers of all levels can find the trail to fit their experience and physical fitness.

Moreover, you can even plan a camping trip in the park or rent a cabin in the woods, making it a perfect weekend in nature. Such time with family or friends will surely make you want to return to Ohio again and again.

Amish & Mennonite Heritage Center

Visiting this museum will be a truly unique experience. There are not many attractions in the States dedicated to the Amish and Mennonites cultures and lifestyles. Yet, there is one in Ohio, so why don’t you pay it a visit. The tour around the center won’t take longer than an hour. However, the insight you can take from this time will be priceless. It’s really interesting to see the completely different lifestyles of people who have their own set of values and beliefs. In the center, you will find beautiful art pieces dedicated to the history of Mennonites culture.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Another national park on our list is a perfect place to spend a fun and active weekend. First, it’s located near Cleveland, so you won’t spend much time traveling to the site. Next, there are trails that you can walk for a few hours. Thus, you can visit Cuyahoga Valley National Park and still have plenty of time for city exploration. However, if you want to stand here longer, you can. The park offers a range of fun family activities like kayaking or even golfing.

Cedar Point

Don’t you ever skip Cedar Point when you are visiting Ohio! Of course, this amusement park is open only during the warm season. Unfortunately, it gets way too cold in winter for the rides. So, summertime is a perfect period to visit Ohio just for Cedar Point alone. Luckily, the warm season is pretty long in Ohio anyway.

Overall, Cedar Point is a big reason why so many people from all states and even the world come to Ohio during summer. It’s a great amusement park packed with great rides, thrills, and those perfect roller coasters. Honestly, you can spend an entire weekend just in the park. It will be a shame not to see the variety of other activities Ohio has to offer, though. Still, you can come during winter time to explore the rest of the state.


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