Three Years of COVID-19: What Has Changed?

Wake Up CBUS takes a closer look at how our lives are changing and moving forward in the time of COVID-19.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s been three years since the world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has changed the way we live, work and play.

From vaccines to learning to work from home, Wake up CBUS We took a closer look at how our lives have changed and how we are moving forward while coexisting with the virus.

Looking back three years ago, it’s easy to remember masks and social distancing during the pandemic.

Fast forward and Central Ohio, let alone the country, has evolved in multiple ways.city ​​officials say Columbus keeps changing in front of them.

During the pandemic, leaders called for teaching and learning to be virtual to slow the spread. With that comes challenges for the students who learn. Three years later, students of all ages are still struggling to keep up.

Teachers are putting the chalkboard back on the drawing board. Educator in Central Ohio Be creative to make up for lost time.

Supply chain operations were disrupted when COVID-19 cases began to rise and impact workflows. We looked at what companies have learned and how they plan to remain resilient in the future.

Restaurants have had to adapt quickly to stay in business when closed during the pandemic. We looked at how some of the new tactics restaurants have implemented are finding success, and some of the challenges they still face.

Essentially, COVID-19 was a public health emergency. The advent of vaccines and other medicines has allowed the world to shed light on the end of the tunnel.

Columbus Public Health Director Dr. Mysheika Roberts said: Long-term effects of viruses and pandemics And are you ready for what’s next?

Leaders have learned many lessons in the last three years.

Our age of living with infectious viruses has created laws that will forever change the way health care is managed in Ohio. Companies are adopting new strategies and technologies with success.

A company in Central Ohio used QR codes to connect with customers.

The pandemic has also brought uncertainty to many people’s lives. A woman in central Ohio, Bonnie Brownstarted painting with watercolors three years ago when the pandemic started.

Today, Brown has produced over 1,000 paintings. She wanted others to feel happy, enlightened, and inspired.

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