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TikToker D. Smith Opens LGBTQ+ Friendly Tattoo Shop ‘The Eat Room’ in Liberty, Ohio

Liberty, Ohio (WKBN) – A new tattoo shop is opening this weekend. The Eat Room is a tattoo shop that aims to be an inclusive space specifically for the LGBTQ+ community. We spoke with the owner about why he decided to open and how he plans to give back.

D. Smith has had a tattoo for a little over a year now. Smith said both he and his customers have felt discriminated against at other stores, so he wanted a place where that didn’t happen.

“My clients in particular have said that people intentionally misunderstood their gender, gave them promiscuous names, made really disrespectful comments about their sexuality and presentation, and made really hateful comments.” ‘ said Smith.

Smith’s reaction on TikTok was great. Some videos about store openings and tattoos have garnered millions of views.

“I think my first piece was about the meaning of the Medusa tattoo. I posted it. I was like, oh, you know, this was kind of cringy. This might be a little silly.” No, people will probably laugh at me,” Smith said. “I check my phone 10 minutes later and he has 10,000 views and 20 minutes later he has 50,000 views. It’s crazy.”

The Eat Room will have its grand opening this Saturday. As part of that, they are raising funds to help with full-spectrum community outreach. You can get a temporary tattoo.

“I want to be more than just a business to make money. I want to involve the community and advocate for more than just tattoos,” Smith said.

At least 350 people have already expressed their interest in attending the event. The shop is located at 4036 He Ave, Belmont, Liberty.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/liberty-news/tiktoker-opening-lgbtq-friendly-tattoo-shop-in-valley/ TikToker D. Smith Opens LGBTQ+ Friendly Tattoo Shop ‘The Eat Room’ in Liberty, Ohio

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