Tip City directorship contract not renewed after concerns about handling shooting threats

Dayton, Ohio (WDTN) — The school superintendent of the City of Tip is about to leave after a decision by the school board. An emergency meeting was held Wednesday after parents were notified of the threat about a month after the incident occurred.

Kimberly Schwartz, a mother in Tipp, said her daughter’s life was threatened by another student on December 7.

“I’m overwhelmed, disappointed and aggravated,” Schwartz said.

A police report said one student reported hearing another student make a shooting threat at school. The report also states that the principal of Tippecanoe Middle School told police that the students would “shoot the school if they could,” citing Schwartz’s daughter as the first victim.

The threat was made on December 7th, but the report to the police was not made until December 8th.

“Almost 24 hours after the threat of shooting at school, did you tell me Stefanik could keep my child, or any other child in this district, safe? That’s not possible.” Mr Schwartz said.

A letter was sent to the entire school community on Wednesday from Superintendent Mark Stefanik.

Here is part of the letter:

“When the district first learned that a student was threatening another student, the administration team followed disciplinary procedures and imposed consequences, including expulsion of the student from the campus. We have filed a letter and notified the parents of the students who were threatened.”

At Wednesday’s meeting, Stefanik told news outlets that reporting to police was up to the building manager where the incident occurred, rather than to the Inspector General’s office.

About 20 parents, disappointed by the district’s response, attended an emergency meeting to give their views.

“There are two ways to respond,” Stefanik said. “As far as notifications go, we have gone one way. The community in general, as represented tonight, expected more information for the community as a whole rather than for individual students. ”

Stefanik said the student is still enrolled in the school district, although he is subject to consequences that include expulsion from the campus.

The school board found Stefanik’s conduct unsatisfactory and the members voted unanimously not to renew his contract, which is due to expire on July 31.

“Board members didn’t find out about this until Monday night. It happened on December 7th. There is no reason not to notify the school board of an incident of this magnitude.” There is no explanation.”

2 NEWS asked Stefanik what the school district should do next to improve student and staff safety after this threat. He said he is currently considering adding a school resource officer to assess current safety plans and increase oversight during arrivals and departures.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/local-news/tipp-citys-superintendent-contract-not-renewed-after-concerns-over-shooting-threat-response/ Tip City directorship contract not renewed after concerns about handling shooting threats

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