Tips for preparing your home for winter storms, power outages

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – With a winter storm expected to hit the Miami Valley on Thursday, experts offer advice on preparing your home for possible low temperatures and power outages.

with Steve Howard Dayton Home Team Inspection Service It’s never too late to take measures against the cold at home. One simple thing you can do before a storm hits is to make sure you disconnect the hose from your outside faucet.

“We see this in the spring because it’s been left out all winter, and when it thaws it causes plumbing damage,” Howard said.

Problems also occur when downspouts and gutters aren’t cleaned, Howard says.

“It may be a little late to climb into your house and clean your gutters, but there is one thing you can do even on a day like today: clear out where your downspouts are and throw trash in your yard. Howard said

Fire departments are most concerned about fireplaces, generators, and heaters during cold weather.

“50% of fires in 3 out of 12 months” Vandalia Fire Department Scott Jacobs said. “Most of it has to do with either electricity, heating, or alternative heating.”

Jacobs said it’s okay to use space heaters, but make sure you follow safety precautions.

“You don’t want to plug it into an extension cord and have only one heater plugged into the outlet all the time,” says Jacobs. “Don’t overload outlets. Heaters consume a lot of power and can quickly overload your system.”

If you have a fireplace or stove, Howard said, make sure you have it checked annually to keep it running safely and efficiently.

AES Ohio officials say they only stop when there is about half an inch of ice on the line. AES is manning and preparing to respond to power outages before the storm.

Jacobs said candles should be kept away from other combustible materials and not left unattended if the power goes out. He also said he doesn’t try to heat the house with stoves or ovens. If you have a generator, make sure it’s outside.

“Often people want to put it in their garage because it’s away from residential areas where carbon monoxide can get in,” Jacobs said. If there is, it must be outdoors.”

Jacobs said now is also a good time to check fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

If the power goes out, make sure you have a storm kit and a plan, Jacobs said.

“Make sure you have a flashlight and make sure it has batteries in it,” Jacobs said. “If it extends, we may need to find additional places, friends and relatives to stay with in the heat.”

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