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Tips on How to Choose a Pinky Ring for Men

Pinky finger rings are the rings that are meant to be worn on your 5th finger. Rings have been worn on different fingers in both hands to signify wealth and power, while some high-class men wore them to show their prestige. With time, when wedding rings became popular, ring wearing thinned out a bit, but with modern times, they are becoming popular again for regular people; it has seen a rise to go back to the old practices when choosing rings.

Today in this article, we will discuss what rings you can wear on your pinky finger and further discuss which stones are perfect for you and their benefits.

Why Do Men Wear Pinky Rings?

The Pinky finger is your 5th finger, the smallest one, and where you can wear the pinky finger. It is not necessary to wear just the pinky finger there; it can be any type of ring that you fancy. It’s just the name it got from the 18th century that stuck with it coming from calling the 5th finger the little finger. 

Landlords and Kings wore signet rings in our history to signify their wealth and power, which continued for quite a while which slowly died down with the advent of the modern age. Some men still wear them to remind them of the age past. In the Present era, it’s more of a fashion statement than anything else.

What types of rings can be worn on a pinky finger?

It really doesn’t matter. Typically the tradition is to wear signet rings on the pinky finger. Signet rings can portray your school, university, and alumni or your family emblem in rare cases. In the modern day, you can wear any ring on your pinky finger. You aren’t restricted to wearing any particular type. Choose whichever ring you are most comfortable with and looks cooler with your personality.

What material to use for Pinky Fingers?

Again, it mostly depends on what you like and what metal resonates with you. Secondly, it matters with which metal you are comfortable wearing.

Gold – This is easily recognizable and therefore chosen by most if not all as the choice of metal. They are easy to make and work with and have good resale value if you ever sell them. Gold has also been used mostly for wedding rings, so that you will get a lot of options out of it.

Before choosing gold, don’t forget to be aware of the amount of Karat you are going for, as that will dictate the price. When choosing gold, the benefits are that they are classic and timeless and don’t easily tarnish. But on the other hand, gold rings are easily damaged may contain some alloys that your skin won’t like. Finally, higher karat rings are expensive too.

White Gold – Gold has been mixed with another metal in this case, so that prices may vary greatly. Learn to know which metal you don’t have anything against, and then choose that metal as an alloy for your white gold ring. These are quite attractive and will look good with any gem color, and don’t easily tarnish. Nickel mixed might react badly to you, so consider it before buying a ring with nickel.

Platinum – Rarer than gold, so more expensive and heavy, but best for pinky and wedding rings because they are durable and last longer than other metal rings. Platinum will hold well the gem of your choice and is less breakable than gold rings and very good for your skin due to being Hypoallergenic.

Titanium – The best thing about Titanium rings, if you choose them, is their strength and lighter weight than most. 

Sterling Silver – Silver has been the oldest metal used for rings and, before the advent of gold, was most sought after for jewelry. Silver rings are timeless classics, amazingly charming, and of good strength due to the mixing metal with silver-like copper.

Tungsten/Carbide – One of the strongest metals making rings made from this is nearly unbreakable by conventional means but tends to scratch easily, so you might need to maintain it to keep its shine. Remember that as they are hard, you cannot easily resize them, so you’ll be stuck with them depending on your body dimensions. 

Ceramic – This material is probably a lot less used. It is just made from clay and doesn’t signify rarity but can be worn on the pinky or any other finger as these are cheaper and can come in various colors. Women more than men wear these types of rings.

What Gem to Choose for Pinky Finger Rings?

Pinky finger portrays the attunement with the water element, which signifies its connection with your social life, meaning what attitude you show towards others in the world. It is believed that pinky finger affects people’s public communication and the tendency for arts, and choosing a gem with this aspect is most beneficial. Some of the gemstones used for pinky fingers can be White Pearl, Moonstone, and White Coral. These gems are believed to relieve health conditions such as anxiety and somewhat indigestion as they connect to Mercury. 

Vedic Astrology recommends Emerald as well for the pinky finger. Their basis is taken from the ancient knowledge of Vedas taken from astronomers mathematically calculating the effects of stars and planets and their rotation. You can always experiment with different combinations when considering gemstones to settle for one you most feel comfortable with.


These days, a pinky ring, like other types of rings, is more a fashion statement than showing prestige or wealth. Though the old generations still practice the old ideas for young men, it is a part of their attire. If you go by Vedic Astrology studies, you might need to consider if wearing a ring in your pinky finger is of any beneficial aspect complemented with a suitable gemstone to utilize its healing potential fully. If you aren’t into anything spiritual, then go for anything as we mentioned above and choose what you like.

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