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Tips to Deal With Academic Dismissal From College

When students fail to meet academic standards, they will be placed on academic probation. After this, if they continue to struggle they may face academic dismissal or suspension. This is either a permanent or long-term suspension from college. If you are dealing with this situation now, or in danger of facing dismissal in the near future, there are things you can do to help your situation.

Take Care of your Mental Health

It can be devastating to learn that you are being dismissed from your college or university. You may be worried about your future, dealing with disappointed parents, and unsure of what to do next. Before you do anything, prioritize your mental health. Talk to a professional if you need to, and try to find a support system.

Take an Honest Look at the Situation

So, what went wrong? Were you in over your head academically? Did you struggle with health concerns, substance use, or something else? Was your choice of major a bad fit? Maybe you took on too much between work and studying, or you were simply in denial after being placed on academic probation. Whatever the issues are, you have to identify them before you do anything else. Be very honest with yourself, and make a list of everything that impacted your ability to succeed.

Ask your Parents for Support Not Help

Nobody wants to tell their parents that they are being removed from school. However, there are things that you can do to navigate this and maintain their respect. First, be honest. Second, be accountable. Third, take responsibility. Let them know that you understand what went wrong and why, and that you will do the work to fix things. Then, look to them for emotional support, but ask them to stay on the sidelines. You won’t get yourself back into school because mom or dad intervenes on your behalf.

Use the Appeal Process Constructively

You may be able to appeal the decision to dismiss you from school. If so, you will need to present a compelling case. Usually, you must show that there were things beyond your control that contributed to your struggles and that you have a plan in place to ensure that you will make progress if you are allowed to return to school. If you have to complete a written appeal, consider checking out some free college essay samples on persuasive writing. This may help you to write a convincing appeal.

Here’s a brief example:

I was unable to maintain an acceptable GPA because I overextended myself by taking on a full-time job. If I am allowed to return to school, I am committed to spending the next semester focused solely on my studies. Additionally, I have scheduled an assessment to determine if I am suffering from any learning issues that may qualify me for services.

Dedicate Yourself to Improvement

If your appeal is successful or not, you should still focus on improving your mental health, writing, study skills, and time management. This is what will ensure that you either succeed when given a second chance or are able to make improvements and apply for readmission later on. Review some health essay examples on wellness so that you are physically and mentally strong for the challenges ahead of you.

Conclusion: Continue on the Right Academic Path

This isn’t the end of the world. Remember that there are very successful people who failed at college. You can definitely turn this around. Just be honest with yourself and commit to doing better.

Author Bio: Melony Hart is a writer who is becoming well known for her expert commentary on college life. Her writing is based on her own experience and that of other students. This gives her a truly unique perspective. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys volunteering and cooking.







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