Toledo City Council members seek safety and crime reports from city

City Councilman Tiffany Preston Whitman hopes the report will provide greater transparency to the public and help the city of Toledo set and achieve clear goals.

Toledo, Ohio — Toledo City Council Tiffany Preston Whitman Argued A pair of proposals on Tuesday to improve how city officials communicate their crime-reduction efforts to the city council.

The proposal would require the mayor’s office to submit an annual comprehensive public safety plan and semi-annual crime reduction reports, and the council would increase public confidence and ensure the city has a clear and defined We plan to release both of these to the public to show that we have a purposeful goal.

The Annual Public Safety Report requires the Mayor’s Office to work with all public safety departments, including the Toledo Police Department, Toledo Fire and Rescue Department, Toledo Lucas County Health Department, and the court system.

Group initiatives set measurable and achievable goals as part of an actionable plan within 60 days of the new year.

Crime reports follow a similar pattern, but on a semi-annual basis. Leaders will set clear crime reduction targets and make crime statistics more transparent.

Whitman said departments other than the police and fire departments should be involved in developing a citywide crime reduction plan.

“We need to involve more stakeholders,” she said. “We know that, like the city, we are not going to heal all violence and address all safety needs of our community. This is really a city-wide and community-wide effort. This means we have other stakeholders who can help develop the plan.”

Both plans also allow greater transparency to the public, allowing city officials to keep their promises.

“I think there is a higher level of accountability,” Whitman said. “It helps to know what’s going on as a city councilor and to be fair. There are many initiatives and we don’t know about them. I think it’s the same for the general public.” So it definitely increases the level of accountability as well as trust with community members.”

The idea is currently only in the proposal stage, but Whitman said his colleagues have already expressed their support and expect to vote on the resolution as early as next week.

If the vote is passed, she expects it to go into effect this year. That means that the first comprehensive safety proposal could be made as early as she is January 1 and after she is 60 days away. Toledo City Council members seek safety and crime reports from city

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