Toledo’s mobile meals help local seniors nourish

April is National Volunteer Month. Dale and Ellen Pittman share how volunteering means to them.

TOLEDO, Ohio — April is National Volunteer Month, and it’s the perfect time to spotlight those who are making a difference in their communities simply by donating their time for free.

Dale Pittman, a former teacher at Toledo Public Schools, is a longtime volunteer. Toledo’s Mobile MealIn his position, he said he understands how difficult it is for some people, especially those who are stuck at home, to reach a healthy diet.

according to National Council on Aging5.2 million seniors in the United States suffer from a lack of adequate nutrition and a balanced diet.

So Dale decided to be part of the solution.

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure these people get the meals they need,” he said.

Dale, who has been with Mobile Meals for more than 13 years, said the number of seniors they help has increased significantly since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

“Before that, I did it myself and all I did was deliver to a door that wasn’t in contact with the person,” Dale said.

After years of driving the route, he encouraged his wife, Ellen, to volunteer.

He said the pair would make a good team. Ellen calls her client, which turns into a checkup.

“I always tell people that I’m glad I called them because there have been many times that I’ve found that calling people was a problem,” she said.

Her call could be the difference between life and death.

“There was a gentleman who was confused in his head as to why we were there and didn’t want us there. They caught his family and helped him out right away.” she said.

The Toledo Volunteer Mobile Meals are an integral part of the Toledo community, as evidenced by Dale and Ellen riding together. Among the clients the Pittmans have served are his 83-year-old man with cancer, an elderly man who had been a volunteer for a traveling meal for 17 years until he became disabled, and many days. It included an elderly woman whose son noticed she was not eating.

The Pittmans said the cause was greater than the reward.

“We don’t get paid, but we do it out of love,” Dale said.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/local/mobile-meals-of-toledo-volunteers-local-seniors/512-783cd205-5c99-408e-9230-9c8a80241d07 Toledo’s mobile meals help local seniors nourish

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