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Top 5 Casinos in Ohio: Where to Go?

Until 2009 gambling in Ohio was not possible because casinos were prohibited. So, the gamblers had to visit casinos in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, and West Virginia, where they were permitted. In November 2009, the State voters approved for only four casinos to be established in Ohio. One each in Toledo, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Nowadays, the number of land-based casinos in the state is 16. And in them, you can find around nineteen thousand gaming machines and slots and a total of 314 table games. At first glance, this may seem like a lot but compared to other liberal states gambling in Ohio is relatively limited. So many of the locals there choose online betting because they have a bigger selection and a chance to play at $10 deposit casinos that offer them way more features from the comfort of their homes. However, Ohio gaming is still growing and developing, so we will hopefully see several new casinos in the near future.

Another interesting fact about the Ohio casinos is that they don’t allow smoking. It is one of the few states where smoking is completely prohibited; they don’t even have separate sections for smokers in their casinos. Also, complimentary alcoholic drinks are not allowed, so if you want alcohol, you will have to pay for it. With that said, let’s continue our review of the biggest and best casinos in Ohio that you can visit.

Miami Valley Gaming

This casino is located at 6000 State Route 63, Lebanon, Ohio. It has more than 1,500 of the best and newest video lottery terminals, a racing simulcast center broadcasting the best live races from the whole country, and a 5/8-mile harness racetrack. The gaming at MVP is just slots, and they don’t have poker machines, roulette, blackjack, or anything else, just slots.

The casino offers complimentary coffee and popcorn to all players, they also offer food and alcohol, but you have to pay for them. It has a patio where you can also play your slot games, and it is very clean and tidy. All in all, it is a very professional casino.

Jack Cincinnati Casino

Jack Cincinnati is located on 1000 Broadway in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a two-level casino that features almost 2,000 gaming machines, a poker room with 31 tables, and 86 table games. The casino raises their minimums during the weekends because it is quite busy, and they lower them back down through the weekdays.

They offer quality food and drinks for reasonable prices, and the staff is very friendly, trained, and disciplined. It has a nice design, and surrounding the casino are the cafe, restaurants, and a gift shop.

Belterra Park Gaming & Entertainment

6301 Kellogg Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the location of this casino. It has around 1,500 of the best and newest VLT slots, and other than that, it only offers live horse racing on a track. Their slots machines are a mix of new and classical, and they offer many bonuses, gift cards, and free spins. They also offer complimentary drinks such as coffee and soda, and they are the best when it comes to food. Overall, it is a good little racino that offers great entertainment.

JACK Cleveland Casino

Jack Casino is located at 100 Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio. It offers the players a live-action WSOP poker room with a whole of 30 tables. Also, it features 2,000 slot machines and 89 gaming tables. Meaning that it has many gamble games to choose from.

It has three levels, and it is in a great location, right at the heart of the city, and it is surrounded by various attractions such as coffees and restaurants. Also, it is very clean and professional, and the staff will make you feel like a VIP, so no wonder it is known as the best casino in Ohio.

Hollywood Casino Columbus

The Hollywood Casino is located at 200 GeorgesVille Road in Columbus, Ohio. There, you can find 60 gaming tables with various games and 2,100 of the best slot machines, video bonus slots, and progressive slots with huge jackpots. The design and ambiance of the casino are great, it is big and clean, and many compare it to casinos in Las Vegas.

The service is amazing, and their staff is professional and trained. When it comes to food and drinks, you can find almost everything that comes to your mind. Although they have a dress code, you should dress in attire that is in no way offensive to others.


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