Top 9 Sites for Buying Facebook Likes (100% Safe)

To come up with this post, we surveyed approximately a hundred sites where people buy Facebook likes. We asked the companies the following questions:

  • Where do you get your likes from?
  • How many customers (approximately) are you servicing right now?
  • Do the likes drop after some time?
  • Do you request clients’ password and log-in information to process their order?
  • Are your Facebook likes high-quality? If so, how can we know?
  • Is your service safe? Will it not get my account banned?

As you can imagine, some of the companies gave deceitful responses. But we were able to separate the wheat from the chaff when by patronizing all of them. We saw each one for what it truly is. And in the end, our sample space got streamlined to these nine sites below.

9 Best Sites to buy Facebook likes from top 100



Top 9 Sites for Buying Facebook Likes (100% Safe)

By a long mile, Social-Viral is the best site to get Facebook likes. Anyone can buy Facebook page likes here to boost page or post popularity.

Are you struggling to get Facebook likes on your posts? Are you having trouble attracting traffic to your Facebook posts? Do people just view your posts and scroll past?

You’re lacking social proof – evidence that other people fancy your content. The good news is Social-Viral can help you change the narrative. They have provisions for you to buy Facebook post likes or buy Facebook page likes to get your profile rocking.

Check them out today. FYI, it costs only $1.99 to buy up to 50 Facebook likes on Social-Viral.

Buy Facebook Likes from Social Viral


Top 9 Sites for Buying Facebook Likes (100% Safe)

Coming in second place is the almighty We call them ‘almighty’ because of their reputation in the industry. They’re the ones the others follow. Hardly will you find a post about buying Facebook likes that wouldn’t feature Stormlikes. You can easily buy Facebook views from Stormlikes with instant delivery.

Stormlikes’ biggest selling point is in the genuineness of their packages. When you buy Facebook likes from Stormlikes, you get strictly authentic likes from real account owners.

You can verify this by checking the profiles of the accounts behind the likes you get. You’ll see they’re real accounts – people with profile pictures, believable handles, and activities on their pages.

Mind you; you can also buy Facebook followers on Stormlikes.

Buy Facebook Likes from Stormlikes

3. is not your regular promo company. Majorly, this site is good for creators and musicians who’re looking for attention on Facebook. You can buy Facebook page likes here to get extra eyes to visit your business/art/freelance fan page, or you can buy Facebook post likes to get extra ears to listen to your creativity (if you’re a musician).

By and large, PromoSound is a wonderful opportunity for creators in desperate need of exposure. Rest assured, your Facebook profile will not remain the same after buying Facebook likes from PromoSound.

The only downside is they don’t have a provision for people who want to buy Facebook followers.


Buying Facebook likes from means exposing your Facebook profile to a wide audience group that’s interested in your type of content.

Unlike many sites that help you get Facebook likes from god-knows-where, Zeru claims it gets its likes from authentic Facebook users that are happy to drop likes.

“Our team at Zeru is made up of experts in the social media industry and we carefully vet out Facebook followers who are willing to “like” your brand’s posts and comments just like an organic user would.”


From their name, you’re tempted to think this is another Instagram promotion company. But, alas, you can buy Facebook likes and other Facebook promo services here, too.

Like the rest of this post, Vipinstafollowers is a safe place to buy Facebook likes. Every Facebook like you get here is a result of interactions between your page and other account owners – an interaction that Vipinstafollowers facilitate.

There’s a clear distinction between the kinds of likes you can buy here, too. For starters, you can either choose to buy Facebook post likes or buy Facebook page likes as the case may be.

Finally, Vipinstafollowers provides targeted likes, too. Meaning you can get Facebook likes from people interested in fashion, tech, beauty, gaming, gossip, travel, or whatever your Niche is.


If you’re looking for Facebook likes from the USA, your best bet is a company focused strictly on US audiences. In a similar vein, if you’re looking for likes from Asia, you should target strictly Asian providers.

In light of that, we present to you the biggest and the most reputable provider of Facebook likes from Asia. is where people go to get Facebook likes from strictly Asian audiences.


This is one of the most diversified social media promotion companies you’ll ever come across. They have promo packages for virtually every social media channel you can think of.

That goes to tell you the extent of their expertise in the industry.

As far as their Facebook likes packages are concerned, they offer genuine, high-quality likes from targeted audiences. But that’s not all. They have provisions for:

  • Facebook page likes
  • Facebook likes (USA)
  • Facebook likes (Post & Video)
  • Facebook likes (for comments)
  • Facebook Live Stream likes

8. is another amazing destination to buy Facebook likes.

However, unlike others on this list, there’s a uniqueness about’s service. For example, users can order Facebook likes buy based on the following categorization.

  • Based on the nature of delivery – instant or drip-feed
  • Based on the source of likes – worldwide or country-targeted
  • Based on Niche – general or targeted Niche 


The last company on the list is

And the reason we’ve reserved this position for them is because of their unrivaled pricing.

For as low as $1.50, users can get up to 50 Facebook likes. Or go for a hundred likes at just $2.

Want something very little because you’re on a tight budget? Fanowers offers you 25 Facebook post likes for as low as $1.

That’s a few cents below the industry standard.

Of course, quality isn’t compromised by this. They still offer high-quality Facebook likes just like the rest of the names on the list.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying Facebook likes

1. Why would someone buy likes for their Facebook account?

Because it’s tough to grow a Facebook page from the ground up. Also, it’s tough to get organic likes for newly-published posts. Nobody likes to be the first to drop a like on a photo or a video. But when they see that a thousand more have liked a post, they, too, will want to do the same.

So, buying Facebook likes is a way to spark more organic likes.

2. Are there any differences in Facebook likes?

Yes, there are. There are high-quality Facebook likes – likes from real accounts. And there are non-high-quality likes – likes from fake or bot profiles. Usually, the former always costs more than the latter.

3. What is the best site to buy Facebook likes?

You can safely buy Facebook likes from any company recommended on this page. They’ve been gathered based on thorough research.


Buying Facebook likes can seem like a mystery when you don’t know where to look. However, with the names on this list, you are well-equipped to buy Facebook likes safely anytime you like.

The well-known reputed sites like The Portugal news, Deccanherald, Euro weekly news, Econotimes, and artdaily also recommend Social viral and Stormlikes as the best service provider across a list of websites.



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