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Online slots are the most popular category on online casino websites. The gameplay is simple. But, at the same time, most games provide an opportunity to hit a big jackpot.

Despite their popularity, slot machines are not a new invention. Such devices were developed over a hundred years ago and were mechanical. The first slot machines were created purely for entertainment purposes and were installed in bars and shops. Later, the slots were put into operation by a coin thrown into them, and in case of winning, the bartender would give out a prize.

Today, one cannot imagine a single gambling establishment without slot machines. The N1 online casino website – Online Casino – has over two thousand different slots. Many of them can be tested completely free of charge in demo mode even right now.

Types of slots

Slot machines are classified according to different criteria. The main ones include:

  1. The size of the bets (coin denominations). Each machine has its own bet sizes and a specific method to increase or decrease the size of the bet.
  2. The number of reels and paylines. The most common slot machines have three or five reels. But there are interpretations with different numbers. The more reels, the more difficult it is to collect a winning combination. But this increases the size of payouts and jackpots. Slot wins also depend on the number of winning lines. The more there are, the higher the probability of getting a prize. Modern models offer over a hundred winning combinations.
  3. According to the main types of games, the machines are divided into classic and 3D slots.

Classic slot machines have retained the principle of operation of the first mechanical slot machines. They contain three reels and only one payline. As a rule, fruit symbols are used for such games.

3D Slots are modern slot machines. They can also be made in accordance with a retro style. But their key feature is the presence of advanced special effects, such as high-quality music, animation, excellent graphics. They enable the gamblers to plunge into the gameplay and get a lot of fun. Most of these models contain 5 reels and a wide range of paylines.

To attract a wider audience, modern slots often use a specific theme, for example, cartoon characters or heroes of movies, and a whole series of slot machines is being developed on its basis.

The first video slot was developed in 1994. It was the product of Microgaming, a well-known company. This invention was the reason that the brand gained worldwide popularity and remains at the top to this day as one of the best providers.

Other companies have taken up the idea as well. Today, almost every developer has a series of top games that are widely popular


As was mentioned above, the company got a boost to its global popularity after the release of the first video slot in history. Since then, the developer has secured the name of one of the leaders in the gambling industry.

MicroGaming is registered on the Isle of Man. The provider is known for having released more games in its entire history than any of its competitors. Today the range of slot machines from this developer includes about 1,000 titles. Still, this figure grows all the time as more and more new offers are released. They quickly find their popularity on online platforms.

MicroGaming has received numerous prestigious awards over the past decade. The provider has won the following nominations more than once:

The company’s products are famous for progressive jackpots. There is a known case when a resident of Great Britain won almost 18 million euros in 2015.


NetEnt is considered a direct competitor to MicroGaming in terms of popularity. The catalog of this company contains games that have become bestsellers among online casino visitors. When it comes to such slot machines, the following examples can be mentioned:

The company has received wide recognition for its high quality, wide range, and popularity of products among players, which has resulted in numerous awards.

The slot provider was founded in 1996. But within a few years, the brand has become widely known in the gambling world. The company is now an important player in the gambling market. The presence of the products of this manufacturer on the gambling platform is considered a sign of quality and inspires users’ confidence in such an online casino. This is due to the fact that NetEnt values ​​its reputation and always provides only the highest quality services.


The company was founded in 1999. But the rapid development of the provider began only nine years later. The developer now produces high-quality products that are present in almost every reputable gambling site.

Betsoft’s products include the following popular games:


Amatic is a well-known Australian brand. The company began operations in 1993. The developer is famous for quality products that meet international standards.

Amatic is distinguished not only by quality but also by the constant search for new and innovative options that will make the game even more fun. The popular slots developed by this brand include the line of fruit-themed machines that definitely stands out against similar products. The top ten most famous developments of the provider also include:

Thanks to a large assortment and constant release of new products, the company has earned the recognition of users and deserved to be ranked among the top developers of gaming software in the world.

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