Top Flat fee MLS Ohio Companies

Have you been considering going for a flat fee MLS Ohio to get your home listed on the MLS or multiple listing service? MLS is the main directory of homes for sale. The same is used by realtors as well as real buyers. The biggest benefit of the flat fee MLS is that it charges you a flat fee which remains to be between $100 and $600. You need not pay the heavy commission to the realtor for getting your home listed on the MLS. This makes the entire process of selling a house quite lucrative and low-cost.

However, these savings involve some costs too. In the flat fee MLS listing, you are your own realtor. You need to take care of the entire procedure. Right from planning the marketing of your home to setting the price, from scheduling the home showings to handling the negotiations, you need to cover all in the absence of the real estate agent. For this, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort. Also, you can land in some trouble or disappointment too.

However, many companies offer additional services to their clients as a part of a flat fee package. By charging a higher amount, the company connects you with a discounted real estate agent who can provide you with the essential services you need.

How much will a Flat Fee MLS cost?

Flat fee MLS Ohio companies can charge an Upfront Flat Fee which you pay to get on the MLS or the fees at closing time. Though there is fee no fee at closing for a Flat-Fee MLS listing unless you buy add-on services or select high-service plans.

Also, beware of the brokers who charge a hidden fee other than the basic listing fee. It is disappointing to pay additional hidden fees. Hence, you need to find out about those and stay wary of them.

Best Flat fee MLS Ohio Companies

Ohio home prices have upscaled by a whopping amount in the past year. In this hot seller’s market, you need to use technology and sell your home at the price you want. If you are thinking to use flat fee MLS Ohio companies, then here are the best names to put your stakes in.


Houzeo is an online real estate giant. The company heavily relies on its cutting-edge technology and customer support team to ensure that its clients avail the best benefits and easy listing process.

The website is known for various positive reasons. The best of all is that the website allows you to save thousands on commission. Since Houzeo offers plans at a small flat fee and you need not pay the realtor commission, you can save a lot. In the case of an unrepresented buyer, you can save the buyer agent commission too.

Since the company ensures to syndicate the listings to other important MLS platforms such as Zillow,, Redfin, Trulia, and many other famous real estate websites, the clients get maximum exposure. You can be certain that Houzeo is the best platform ever that offers you nearly everything, and none other may give you this much.

Also, Houzeo is known for fast listing and changes. Customer support is another feather on the cap. The home sellers in America have given 4.9 out of 5 stars ratings to the company on major review sites like Google and Trustpilot. The high rating is because of the comfort and convenience the customer support team of the company offers. Houzeo, the most powerful real estate website, needs your due consideration. Also, you can check out Houzeo reviews to know more about them.

Team Results Realty

Ohio Team Results Realty also offers Flat Fee MLS at a low listing price. You also need to know that the company charges a 1% convenience fee at the time of closing as part of the full-service package. This local Flat Fee MLS listing service has been assisting Ohio families and allowing them to save significant amounts of money by signing up for their Flat Fee MLS packages.

Their Flat Fee MLS packages start from $299 and go up to $999. There is another package in which you need to pay $299 as well as a 1% commission of the selling price for taking a full-service Realtor.  Ohio Team Results Realty Flat Fee MLS packages list your home for 6 months. They offer full-service packages to list your home until your home is sold. You can upload as many pictures as you want.

The best features include unlimited changes on MLS listing, provision of the yard sign, printable flyers, direct assistance on phone, etc.

Property Group LLC

If you are a seller who wants pricing assistance, then they are the best in the market. Ohio Property Group LLC is led by Glen Whitten. They provide state-wide coverage from a local agent. The agent will offer pricing assistance at the least possible price. Pricing a home can help the sellers to attract a lot of buyers and buyer’s agents. This lets the homes sell faster. You get multiple bids, that too for a higher price and you have a profitable deal.

Their Silver package at $297 offers 25 photos uploaded. Rest of the things you need to do yourself.

In the Gold package of $597, you can get pricing assistance. This flat-fee MLS company in Ohio is probably the only one that provides pricing assistance at this cost.

In the Platinum package of $997, you get all Gold package features along with closing coordination.

FSBO is a Flat Fee MLS Ohio that can list your home on their website for only $99. They also have other Flat Fee MLS packages available at $399. The basic listing will list your home on their website only and not on the local MLS. To list on MLS Ohio and avail of additional services, you can buy a $399 package. It will list your house for 6 months on MLS. There are no a la carte options or a provision for the real estate photographer.

There are other Flat Fee companies too in Ohio that offer affordable plans and additional services to help you. You can know about them before you list with them.  If you want to upload more photos, you might have to pay extra and select a high-end package. Some companies also offer a-la-carte options to choose from.

Consider flat fee MLS Ohio and save realtor commission!

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