Top Games to Try When Next You Visit a Casino

Games in a casino are just a matter of preference. What is great for you may not be great for another person. By singling out certain games as the best, we judge them based on the fun they offer and how impressive their odds of winning are. A pro in casino games will understand that it is not enough for games to be interesting. The ultimate goal here is to walk out of the casino with a bag filled with cash. Here are some of the best games with a good combination of fun and great odds.

  1. Craps

The best things are always the hardest to learn. Just like every other table game, you have one of the very best odds of winning when you play craps in a casino. We wouldn’t advise you to play craps if you don’t know how to, but the craps game in any casino has about 50% odds of winning, which is why it is worth considering.

Craps requires the use of dice. While the person who throws the die is the shooter, players make a wager on the outcome of the dice. The juicy part of this game is wagering on whether or not the shooter will win his roll. The shooter’s first roll is called “Coming out,” and the shooter will win on a roll of seven or eleven. If the shooter does not roll a seven, the number becomes a pointer.The easy wager often makes a pass line wager as regards the role of seven.

  1. Roulette

Whether you play roulette virtually in an online casino or in a live casino with friends, the game comes with buzz, fun, and 50/50 odds that most casino lovers enjoy. Most people run away from the 50% odds, but they are the best bet to play. It’s either you win big, or you lose. And if you use the martingale system correctly, you might have a good time spinning the roulette wheel.

The simplest approach is to wager on whether the ball of Roulette will fall on either the black or red piece. The ideal trick is lowering your odds while you increase your payout. Since the roulette wheel has 38 number pieces, betting on a 1-18 number range seems to be a perfect way of balancing your odds with your payout.

  1. Slot Machines

Here is another jackpot game option for both virtual and live casino experiences. One casino can present hundreds of game options in a live casino. Online casinos, like Nitro Casino, offer wide range gam options that you can play virtually, making it one of the most interesting games to play at any casino. For a $5 machine, you can have up to 600 spins in an hour.

Let’s quickly do the math. If you multiply the number of spins by the amount you are paying for the machine, you will only be looking at a $150 loss per hour on that $3000 of action, provided you are losing at a 5% average. The slot is highly volatile and very rewarding, but stick with playing with a slot machine that has a greater return to player percentage, whether you are playing live or virtually.

  1. Baccarat

If you don’t know about table games and want to vibe along, baccarat is a game you can enjoy even when clueless. You do need to know how to play, although a basic understanding of how it works will help you get along. The dealer does it all in baccarat. Just place your money on any of the three cards, and the dealer jumps into action and gives you your winnings. It has a winning probability of about 44.62%, making it even better than blackjack.

  1. BlackJack

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People run away from blackjack because of the simple math calculations they have to do and because it is the most extroverted table game you will find in any casino. Introverts may not exactly enjoy it, and you need to understand how to play it before you venture into it to minimize your losses.

The face of the dealer determines what to play. All the cards in blackjack have values, and the general idea is to shoot for a higher score with the cards you have to win. The odds of blackjack aren’t bad, standing at an average of 42%. This may vary depending on the variant of blackjack cards and the house rules.


These top games are very easy to learn and are enjoyable even if you are not entirely good at playing them yet. Their odds are quite impressive, but always wager with only the money you can afford to lose. That is the ultimate casino advice!


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