Top Home Designs for 2021

We all want our home to be cozy and comfortable, to speak about our taste, and be functional. Spending so much time in our homes in recent years has probably made many people wonder how they make their home an even comfier place, a place where spending a lot of time does not necessarily feel like a prison. The 2021 interior design trends are versatile and eclectic, so everyone can pick something that works for their home without doing a complete make-over. Let us dive into these exciting trends room by room.

Living Room

The philosophy of the 2021 living room design is mixing and matching, up-cycling and eclecticism. Although it is still trendy to decorate your space altogether in one style, mid-century modern for example, you will be most up-to-date if you think more ecologically and apply your own taste.

This year designers want you to fill your living room with objects that have meaning to you. Also, mix different textures to bring more warmth to the space. Think of furniture with textured wooden surfaces, rattan pieces, different fabrics like heavy-weight wools, mohair, and bouclé.

Sustainability is a big part of interior design this year, so think about how could you reuse the furniture that you already have, or go for second-hand pieces. Older furniture that can be found at flea markets is often of better quality than new furniture from the store, and repairing and personalizing old objects can be a very satisfying activity for the entire family.

Even though the focus this year is on your own sensibility and the stories behind each object, there are still some trends that you can follow. Green or earthy tones for your walls, natural materials, cocooning furniture like squishy sofas, Bauhaus and Bloomsbury influences, and statement vases. It is up to you to pick what better suits your space and taste.


Kitchen design this year offers many possibilities as well. From more expensive options like marble and stainless steel surfaces, to more accessible ones such as getting new tapware and rethinking your pantry. As we are spending more time indoors, the kitchen becomes a new place for socializing. That is why we want to keep it up-to-date and well organized.

Choosing new faucets is a great way of updating your kitchen. Not only will this change make your kitchen more functional, but new tapware can really bring a luxurious feel to a space. Organizing your pantry can also have a huge impact. Depending on your space, you could have a walk-in pantry or divide it from the rest of the kitchen with a sliding door or glass door. Inside, you could have stainless steel shelves for an industrial flavor or a painted wood cupboard for a more rustic feel. If you do not have space for a separate pantry, think about a larder cupboard in your kitchen, maybe with spice doors.

Other 2021 kitchen trends include fluted surfaces, for example for a cupboard front. Trendy colors for kitchen furniture are sage green, pink and dark blue. As per the styles, new provincial and cottagecore! New provencal is all about minimal rustic white with blue accents, and you will easily attain the cottagecore look by using shelves, natural materials as linen and wool, and botanical motifs.


Similar to living rooms, bedroom 2021 design trends are also about mixing and matching.

Think about using different textures for duvets, blankets, and cushions. Velvet and faux fur are good options. Also, do not forget about patterns. Stripes are a trend right now for bed sheets and pillows, but make sure they do not match – mix up stripes of different styles and colors.

Another interesting bedroom trend is gloss paint. Once used as a practical solution for bathroom walls and door-frames, gloss paint can now be applied to beds for a chic modern look.

Green walls are a trend for bedrooms as well. Complete them with some Japan-inspired linear art.


As pandemic conditions might raise our stress levels, it is important to have a good spot for relaxation in our home. And what better place for relaxing than in the bathroom.

Think about your bathroom as your personal spa. Some bigger interventions might include getting rid of the shower and installing a larger luxurious bathtub. Alternatively, you could add a steam function to the shower.

Some other trendy updates might include applying a peel-and-stick wallpaper with a bold pattern, getting plants and some rattan details, like a rattan laundry basket.

Same as with kitchens, choosing pink décor is very much on-trend. Combine it with concrete, marble tiles, warm brass faucets, and towel rails.

We hope our overview of 2021 interior design ideas was inspirational. Make sure to start from your specific needs, taste, and the things you already have. Up-cycle and be creative, add a new splash of color, and do not forget to treat yourself with some velvet cushions, brass faucets, or a comfortable squishy sofa.


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