Top U.S. Cities to Invest in Real Estate for 2022

As an investor, you may be looking forward to diversifying your investment portfolio. One of the suitable investment opportunities you can venture into is real estate. As a startup investor, you can also venture into real estate.

To succeed in your ventures, you need to invest in the right cities. We’ll list different cities and look into why they’re suitable for real estate investments.

The top U.S. cities that you should consider when investing in real estate in 2022 include:

1. Columbus, Ohio

This is the largest city in Ohio. The city also acts as a capital to the state of Ohio. The city is experiencing a fast growth in the real estate industry. Also, the city is now experiencing a shift towards a culture of development and tech-focused industries.

Let’s check out why Columbus, Ohio, is the best city to invest in real estate.

Influx of millennial population which has boosted construction activity

The younger population in Columbus has led to an increase in construction activity in the area. Funding for the construction and development market is quite abundant, and several projects are being implemented and planned in this area.

A good market for rental housing

There is a huge demand for rental houses in the area. There is a steady supply of affordable apartments for rent, and there is an ample supply of affordable properties on rent-to-own option.

Supply of property owners is relatively large for a city its size

Columbus has over 650,000 residents, and it’s the fourth largest city in the state of Ohio. The demand for real estate is also very high because of this reason.

Tax-friendly state

Though it’s not one of the most tax-friendly states, it does not penalize residents; this makes it easier for investors to buy and sell property in Columbus.

2. Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale is one of the best cities you can invest in. It’s located in the center of Phoenix. You need to consider the growth that is anticipated in the property sector. Scottsdale will be experiencing a growth spurt with an anticipated population increase, especially when it comes to millennials.

Let’s delve deeper into why Scottsdale, AZ, is suitable for investing in real estate.

Great-paying Jobs

The business policies in this city are friendly. Also, there are numerous high-paying jobs. The city also has a very fast growth rate in the real estate sector.

A good market for rental properties

If you’re looking forward to investing in rental properties, then Scottsdale is the best city to invest in. Typically, the demand for housing is higher compared to other cities, and the supply is lower than most cities.

Numerous renters are looking for a place to rent in Scottsdale. You can also purchase affordable apartments that are being rented out or buy houses on rent-to-own arrangements.

Strong tourism makes it ideal for short-term rentals

Many tourists visit Scottsdale for short-term rentals. These tourists come from all over the world, and they can stay in a rented apartment for a short period.

Housing inventory shortage has caused a steady rise in house values

Scottsdale is home to over 250,000 people, making itone of the most populated cities in Arizona. In fact, Scottsdale is the eighth largest city in Arizona.

The city’s population growth is about 3 percent. Many families move to Scottsdale every year; this creates a strong demand for housing, leading to high property values and appreciation rates forScottsdale real estate.

Lower cost of living in comparison to other major cities

One of the biggest reasons people are moving to Scottsdale is its low cost of living. However, Scottsdale’s living standards are higher compared to other cities; this is another factor that makes it an attractive city to consider investing in real estate.

3. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. It continues to grow at a rapid rate. The city has some of the best economic and housing market conditions and strong job growth in the construction and real estate industries.

The city has numerous high-paying jobs and a very low poverty rate compared to other cities in the state.

4. Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh, NC, is the capital of North Carolina. It has a population of over 650,000 people, and it’s also the 12th biggest city in the United States. The city is also offers some of the best employment opportunities in different industries, such as construction, financial services, and transportation sector.

The city will experience fast growth in real estate development because of its numerous opportunities. For example:

Relatively low unemployment rate when compared to other cities in North Carolina.

The unemployment rate in Raleigh is 3.1 percent which is lower than the national average of 3.7 percent.

Increased demand for housing and apartments

The demand for housing in Raleigh is relatively higher when compared to other cities in North Carolina, which is one of the factors that will lead to a boom in real estate prices here.

Retail development is increasing rapidly

Retail developments have been growing fast, and this has helped create strong demand for commercial spaces in the area. The demand is likely to increase because of the many people moving to Raleigh to work.

5. Boca Raton, Florida

Boca Raton, Florida, is home to over 100,000 people, and it’s the fourth most populated city in South Florida. The city has a very low unemployment rate and high-income growth, making it a great city to invest in real estate.

Although several residential properties are available for rent, there is still a very big demand for rental units in Boca Raton, FL.

Low rate of unemployment and good income growth trend

The unemployment rate in the city is 0.9 percent which is among the lowest in the country. The income growth has also been rapid, which has helped increase demand for real estate properties in the area.


The cities that have been discussed above have a good real estate market for people who are looking to invest in property. There is an ample supply, and the demand is high, which means that the prices will continue to increase in the coming years.

There are other cities, but these five have some of the best economic conditions for real estate investments, and this makes them ideal places to start your career in real estate investing.

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