Trial Begins for Accused Walleye Fraudster

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cleveland (WJW) — Two men accused cheating and Walleye fishing tournament lake erie He pleaded guilty on Monday.

Jacob Runyan, 43 Ashtabraand Hermitage’s Chase Kominski, 36, Pa.were each indicted in October He was charged with felony misdemeanor misdemeanor misdemeanor misdemeanor misconduct, attempted grand theft, possession of criminal tools, and illegal animal possession, and initially pleaded not guilty.

But on Monday, each pleaded guilty to felony misconduct and misdemeanor animal property violations. The remaining claims were dismissed.

The pair are scheduled to be sentenced on May 11.

Fishermen from several surrounding states competed for the largest pollock catch in a September 2022 tournament held near North Marginal Road and Lakeshore Boulevard, officials said. The pair managed to win more than $28,000.

However, the tournament judges noticed that the fish Runyan and Cominsky caught weighed more than they looked. The judges sliced ​​open the fish and inside were multiple weights of 8 to 12 ounces and some fillets of pollock. The pair were disqualified and told to leave the tournament.

“There are individuals who have committed fraud to get money. Whether it’s a fishing case or a Ponzi scheme, it’s a scam under any circumstances,” said the assistant. Cuyahoga County Prosecutor James Gutierrez said in October:

Authorities suspected the pair of cheating in past tournaments, but have never found any evidence of a crime.

The fishing competition organizers plan to use metal detectors and lie detectors in future competitions. Trial Begins for Accused Walleye Fraudster

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