Trotwood eyed as 'prime location' for Italy-based company

TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) — An Italian-based company is looking toward the Miami Valley for business expansion, and the city of Trotwood has been described as a “prime location.”

During a city council meeting Monday night, logistics were discussed on what it would take to not only bring in the foreign company but also create jobs and annual revenue.

The company works on transformers and other electrical components for construction.

“Right now there is a significant need in the construction world for transformers, it's always one of the delays right now. So, we would be thrilled to welcome that, and they step into different spaces around some of the newer technologies for energy, and making sure they're bringing new technology for that, so it's a highly innovative company,” said Chad Downing, Trotwood community improvement corporation executive director.

The project, called “Project Swifty” would create 230 full-time jobs as well as generate $12 million in annual payroll by 2028. The company would open its facility at Trotwood's Industrial Park located on Wolf Creek Road.

“From a fiscal impact analysis, this is a significant opportunity for the City of Trotwood. A majority of our revenues are from income tax, this would create over twelve million dollars in potential income tax, payroll, 230 jobs, all new jobs to the region, so they would not be bringing anyone with them,” said Downing.

Trotwood is one of multiple locations being considered. If selected, the city would need to start zoning and planning procedures.

Mayor Yvette Page says that this move would help show residents that Trotwood is evolving.

“How we look at that opportunity is that everybody has put us in a box. I'm the mayor that says you don't have to think out of the box anymore, we are going to remove the box. And we are going to start over and reinvent what it should be,” said Page.

Trotwood awaits the company's proposal decision. If selected, it will start to prepare presentations to get the ball rolling on an economic boom for the area.

https://www.wdtn.com/as-seen-on-2-news/trotwood-eyed-as-prime-location-for-italy-based-company/ Trotwood eyed as 'prime location' for Italy-based company

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