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Trotwood, Ohio changes parking rules for large vehicles

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The City of Trotwood has changed its rules about where you can park and announced new ordinances on Friday, June 23rd.

According to the announcement, trucks, trailers and camper trailers are prohibited from parking on city streets, except for loading and unloading vehicles. It also stipulated that trucks, trailers, or camper trailers shall not be permitted to be parked on premises that are not commercially subdivided as semi-trucks or other commercial parking terminals.

Vehicles violating these ordinances will be confiscated and fined $150.

“Parking on lots not designated for large vehicles may damage the surface area and increase the risk of criminal activity,” the release explains.

However, the release states that these regulations do not apply to panel trucks and pickup trucks weighing 3/4 tons or less.

After this announcement, there will be a 60-day grace period, after which towing and other penalties will apply.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/local-news/can-you-park-there-trotwood-changes-parking-rules-for-large-vehicles/ Trotwood, Ohio changes parking rules for large vehicles

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