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Trumbull County: Tourist destination according to annual report

Trumbull Co., Ltd. (WKBN) — The Trumbull County Tourism Authority has released its 2023 tourism report that reflects a thriving visitor economy, but it may come as a surprise to some local residents.

Trumbull County tourism grew 10% in 2023, according to the annual report. Most were local tourists from Columbus, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, but visitors from further afield also came to town.

Reasons people visit the area include business, golf, visiting friends and family, Mosquito Lake, and more, but the county also offers many other visitor experiences.

“When we poll people, many people in our region are surprised to learn that our region's tourism economy is strong. That's why we want our residents to know all the great things to do and see in our county. It's important that we have that,” said Beth Kotsis Carmichael, executive director of the Trumbull Tourism Bureau.

employees of Medici Museum,the National Packard Museum, End of the Commons General Store, or grand resort They will say they see out-of-town visitors every day.

Trumbull County Tourism believes that a successful visitor economy improves the quality of life for Trumbull County residents.

According to the report, visitor spending activity contributed a total of $842 million in economic impact and created more than 7,600 jobs in the county, which equated to $111 million in tax revenue and local taxes. says it has received $23 million in benefits.

The positive effects of tourist spending extend beyond the tourism sector. The report says the biggest industries directly benefiting from this spending are retail and restaurants.

Companies in other sectors such as finance, insurance and real estate also indirectly benefit from the health of the tourism industry.

This success can be attributed to Tourism Trumbull's focus on media and public relations in 2023. Tourist experiences have been featured on prominent platforms such as: new day clevelandAAA Motorist publications, Columbus Monthly, and the Ohio Turnpike Monthly Email, the report states.

as Between 150,000 and 500,000 tourists are expected to visit Ohio. As we head into April's solar eclipse, Trumbull County's strong tourism industry will continue to thrive through 2024.

Learn more about the various options for visitors to Trumbull County below. Please visit our website.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/ohio/trumbull-county-a-tourism-destination-according-to-annual-report/ Trumbull County: Tourist destination according to annual report

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