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Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer, Decent Holiday Gifts To Consider

Many of us prefer cooking at home instead of dining out since last year, how’s your culinary skills?

Don’t want to spend a lot of time broiling, roasting, grilling, baking, pan-frying, stir frying or deep-fat frying? An air fryer can be the best solution, a genius kitchen helper help people enjoy a huge range of healthy and delicious foods. As the name implies, an air fryer uses fast-circulating hot air instead of oil to cook the outside of food and (hopefully) leave the inside moist and juicy. What we find today is a latest generation of air frye, which is wifi-enabled, which means you can tap a recipe on your phone, send it to the cooker, say something like “Alexa, cook me some chicken wings,” and laying on the sofa just waiting for it to be done.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer, Decent Holiday Gifts To Consider

Also, if you love French fries and other fried foods, but want to eat them as healthy as possible, an air fryer is the perfect choice for you too? What you need is just an affordable air fryer.

Confused what brand or model to buy? Don’t worry, we are excited to recommend perfect air fryer from Ultenic called K10 today. Follow to check if it meets your needs. Just a kind note, the seller offers $30 OFF discount for decent early bird decent price. Just remember to redeem the coupon on Amazon when checkout.


Firstly, the capacity of the K10 is 5.3qt, which is suitable for 2 to 5 people. So whether you are a sweet couple or a small family with one or three kids, the K10 is enough to serve you foods you want.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer, Decent Holiday Gifts To Consider

Secondly, let’s check the functions.

The K10 has 11 preset cooking programs, no matter you plan to cook meat, vegetables or even dessert, one air fryer for all menus! You simply need to press the buttons on top of appliance accordingly, it will start cooking for you fast. Instead of staying in the kitchen frying and checking how’s going on with the dishes, save you time to do something else. Whether playing with your child, doing exercise, watching TV show, etc.

Besides, there are 100 recipes online. Believe me, it can bring you a great surprise. Try different foods everyday with detail guides.

Think that’s all it can do? Then you’re wrong!

It can be controlled by the app on your phone. Who can imagine one day we can cook via a phone! Enjoy a totally different cooking method. This is the big difference with many  other air fryers on the market. You can get the Ultenic K10 air fryer cook at any time you want. Just prepare those ingredients ready before you go out, and control the fryer on your phone, you will have a hot meal when you come back home.

Ultenic K10 Smart Air Fryer, Decent Holiday Gifts To Consider


Last but no least, don’t worry about taking so long to clean

This Ultenic K10 air fryer is designed with a detachable dishwasher basket. Just put the basket  in your dishwasher machine to clean.

Overall, the K10 Smart Air Fryer is a good value kitchen gadget. What’s your thoughts?

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