Umbraphiles coming to Ohio: why and who are they?

*The video above shows the stages of a total solar eclipse seen over Ohio*

Cleveland, Ohio (wisconsin) — Umbraphiles from all over the world will be descending on the Miami Valley and throughout Ohio to walk the path to global perfection. Total solar eclipse in 2024 April 8.

In a sense, like storm chasers or tornado chasers, umbraphils chase total solar eclipses wherever they occur around the world.

Astronomer Jay Reynolds said, “Umbramaniacs plan vacations, work, and even retirement plans to travel anywhere in the world where a total solar eclipse will occur.'' Ta.

“I know that the Umbraphilus from Ohio goes to Antarctica, to Iceland, to the jungles and deserts, and during the solar eclipse, it's 100% total. And from now on, Umbraphilus from all over the world will be here in Cleveland. It’s going to come to the area,” Reynolds said.He said WJW, Cleveland Affiliate.

Reynolds said “umbra'' refers to the dark shadow the moon casts on Earth, and “fill'' is a word derived from the Greek word for love or affection.

“Some people who live with the passion and desire to witness a total solar eclipse buy a plane ticket, fly to Cleveland in this case, watch it in an airport parking lot, and fly home. Some people are waiting for a flight home.”

Reynolds said the umbraphils are “exotically flexible, preparing well in advance to travel anywhere on Earth to be in the path of a total solar eclipse.”

Fortunately for many who call Ohio home, our backyard is exotic enough.

https://www.wdtn.com/news/ohio/umbraphiles-coming-to-ohio-why-and-who-are-they/ Umbraphiles coming to Ohio: why and who are they?

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