University community mourns emeritus professor of mathematics Larry Snyder

The Ohio University community mourns Larry Snyder, professor emeritus of mathematics who passed away on January 21st.

Snyder retired in 2008 after more than 38 years teaching Mathematics and Computer Science at OHIO’s College of Arts and Sciences. He also taught at the University of Virginia for several years. He received his bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate from the University of Shippensburg. He holds a PhD in Mathematics from Purdue University.

“Besides being an accomplished professor, he had many hobbies and passions outside of college. He was a proud Boy Scout who found a love for the outdoors when he was younger. He was always in tents. He enjoyed camping, backpacking and whitewater canoeing. Later in his life, he discovered a love and passion for downhill skiing and spent many years as an advisor to the ski club at Ohio University. We enjoyed traveling together and traveled all over the world.Europe, Asia and Africa.Innumerable memories were made. obituary.

“Larry Snyder was one of the founders of our modern society. Department of MathematicsAs Graduate Chair and Graduate Admissions Coordinator, he played a key role in expanding the graduate program. Larry was a kind and friendly colleague who provided valuable advice to our young faculty. His home has always been a welcoming place for faculty and visitors. He will be missed,” said emeritus professor of mathematics Serge Aijikovic.

For many, Snyder was a charismatic figure within the department.

“When I arrived in Athens in 2004, Larry had already retired, but he and his wife Fran hosted a movie night attended by many of our (then) young faculty. Guildenstern died at home around 2005,” said Todd Eisworth, an associate professor of mathematics.

“I knew he was ill, but until a few years ago we still saw each other occasionally at Kroger. and came to sell roses for the pastor, tickets to their chili dinner,” Iceworth added.

Professor Emeritus Jeffrey Conner said Snyder was his introduction to OHIO. He would often come to lunch with me and others and talk about the topic of the day, including his experience: a whitewater canoeist,” Conner said. rice field.

“Of course, we also talked about mathematics and went to a two-day workshop on wavelets together. I enjoyed the movie nights he hosted. I met Larry and Fran from time to time, he was always friendly, we had some useful conversations when I was just starting out and he was chairing graduate schoolAnd, as already reported, an annual rose donor for my wife‘ added Connor.

Slender K. Distinguished Professor Emeritus said of Mr. Snyder: University community mourns emeritus professor of mathematics Larry Snyder

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