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US primaries: Biden and Trump win in 5 states | 2024 US election

Donald Trump and Joe Biden won more delegates in Tuesday's primary elections as they aim for a rematch in November.

Trump and Biden won in Arizona, but illinois, Kansas and Ohio. Trump also won the Republican primary in Florida, where Democrats do not hold a primary.

In Ohio and Illinois, floridaformer South Carolina governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley still won a significant portion of the Republican vote despite withdrawing from the race.

The president and former president have already won enough delegates to win the presidential nominations of both parties, and most of the challengers have dropped out. President Trump's last Republican challenger, former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley, ended her presidential campaign After Super Tuesday. Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips, Biden's leading challenger, said: Also dropped out.

With the presidential nomination contest now settled, candidates are concentrating on campaigning in the battleground states necessary to win the November general election.

Biden has visited Arizona and Nevada in recent days, seeking to shore up support among young and Latino voters who could be key to his reelection. Mr. Biden has touted his economic policies and attacked Mr. Trump on immigration and abortion, hoping to tap into wavering voters and waning enthusiasm among groups that supported him in 2020.

Democrats, seeking to express dissatisfaction with Biden over his handling of the Gaza war, are urging their supporters to vote for Arizona self-help guru Marianne Williamson. This is because, unlike Biden, she is calling for a permanent ceasefire. Meanwhile, pro-Palestinian demonstrators in Ohio called on their supporters: “Leave it blank”.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to stir up controversy in his campaign amid continuing legal troubles. He sparked outrage in an interview on Monday when he claimed that Jews who vote for Democrats “hate their religion and hate Israel.” As he travels around the country to rally his supporters and raise money, he has increasingly hailed the rioters as heroes and made the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol a cornerstone of his campaign.

In Illinois, Ohio, and Illinois, Californiaseveral key down-ballot races are hotly contested.


in Ohio, The Associated Press reports that Bernie Moreno, who was supported by President Trump, has won the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate and will face Democratic incumbent Sherrod Brown in November. Moreno, a wealthy former car dealer who has never held public office, led polls ahead of Election Day, ahead of state Sen. Matt Dolan and Secretary of State Frank LaRose.

Mr. Dolan's family owned the Cleveland Guardians baseball team and was backed by establishment Republicans, including Gov. Mike DeWine.

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Moreno's candidacy was weighed down by questions about his qualifications and lack of experience. He believed in strongly anti-LGBTQ+ policies, and in 2008 his work email was used to create an account on an adult website seeking “men to have one-on-one sex,” the Associated Press reported. It was also the subject of A report that Moreno had denied.

Republicans are eyeing Brown's seat as a potential seat to flip in November. Brown is the only Democrat elected statewide in Ohio, a state that has shifted dramatically to the right in recent years.


In Illinois, 82-year-old Democratic incumbent Rep. Danny Davis will defend his seat in November after fending off a challenge from progressives, the Associated Press reports. Davis had the support of the governor, but JB Pritzkerand the Chicago Mayor Brandon JohnsonBut he faced a stiff challenge from Kina Collins, a community organizer and gun control advocate.

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/mar/19/us-elections-2024-primaries-biden-trump US primaries: Biden and Trump win in 5 states | 2024 US election

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