Viral video leads to Delaware dog having seizures

Kingston Township, Ohio (W.C.M.H.) — 40 dogs removed from Delaware County property. video A video showing their living conditions went viral over the weekend.

On Sunday, Delaware County Dog Watch removed the dogs, most of which appeared to be pit bulls or pit bull mixes, from a property in the 7000 block of Kilborn Road in the northeastern part of the county.

The owner of the property was not home when the dogs were removed, so no charges have been filed at this time, but charges are expected, according to a statement released by the county.

Removal of the dogs began around 11:30 a.m. Sunday and took about three hours. The dog warden received assistance from the Delaware County Humane Society, the Marion County Dog Warden's Office, and the Morrow County Humane Society.

The rescued dogs are being cared for by the Delaware County Dog Shelter and the county's humane society.

Delaware County Dog Warden Mitchell Garrett said his department has known the property owner for several years, but so far only six dogs have been found during the investigation, all of which are in good health. He said it was.

“Complaints continued to come in…but in recent years, no one had completed a witness statement that would allow dog shelter staff to act,” the county statement said. “We received a statement on Friday night alleging that there were far more dogs on the property than previously known and that they were being observed in abusive conditions.”

Video posted on tick tock Saturday showed the dog's living conditions. The video shows nearly all the dogs wearing heavy chains and living in mud and water with only uninsulated blue buckets for shelter. One of the dogs in the video appears to be chewing on the chain and pulling on the stake.

The property owner was charged with animal cruelty in North Carolina in 2012, according to online court records.

NBC4 is not naming the property owner because no criminal charges have been filed in Delaware County.

Dog wardens are continuing to investigate the dogs' living conditions. A briefing with Garrett is scheduled for Monday morning.

Garrett said in a statement that the dogs at the shelter at the time of the attack were being cared for by the nonprofit organization Rico Pet Recovery.

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