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STATEWIDE (Inside Indiana Business) – If you find the heat across Indiana unbearable, you’ll probably want to stay inside and use your air conditioning, but that can make your electric bill go rise dramatically if you’re not careful.

Duke Energy says, if you’re one of their customers, there are plenty of ways to save money on your summer energy bills. Duke Energy Spokeswoman Mackenzie Barbknecht says air conditioning units are one of the biggest users of energy in your home.


“We encourage folks to the set their thermostat their highest comfortable setting. The smaller the difference between the inside and outside temperatures, then the lower your energy use. As high as you can comfortably tolerate will help save you a lot of money,” said Barbknecht.

Barbknecht says it’s also best for you to close your blinds during the hottest part of the day.

“Also ceiling fans can help optimize your air conditioning use, especially if you’re in an occupied room. Make sure those fans are set in a way where they are operating counterclockwise, so they can push cool air down into your living spaces,” said Barbknecht.

Duke Energy and many other electric companies will also provide you with usage alerts during your billing cycle.

“When you are halfway through your billing cycle, we’ll notify you of your current usage and project what your final monthly bill will be, so you can course correct,” said Barbknecht.

Duke Energy also offers budget billing. You can enroll in that if you want one predictable payment every month. That is calculated by the company looking at how much energy you use and comes up with an average amount, but it is also periodically reviewed and adjusted.

You can also pick your due date and enroll in installment payment plans, which can make it easier for you to restructure your past-due balance.

As far as income-qualified programs, Duke Energy also partners with community and state agencies. Examples of these include:

▪ The Weatherization Program: Helps income-qualified customers save energy and reduce expenses through energy conservation measures like

weatherstripping and HVAC repairs or replacements.

▪ The Share the Light Fund: Assists qualifying customers struggling to pay their energy bills. Employees, customers and Duke Energy shareholders contribute to  these funds, which are distributed through statewide community action agencies.

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