What are the richest cities in Ohio?

(WJW) – Ohio has a little bit of everything. From agricultural areas to bustling cities, there truly is an Ohio for everyone.

Forbes put together a list of the richest cities in Ohio.

It’s based on Census data, median household income, mean household income, median home value and median property taxes paid.

Forbes combined those metrics to determine the richest cities in Ohio.

#5 – Concorde Hills

Concorde Hills, a Census-Designated Place (CDP) nestled in Sycamore Township, northeast of Cincinnati, has garnered recognition as Ohio’s fifth richest city, boasting a median household income surpassing $250,000.

It’s a small town. The population was just 644 in the 2020 Census.

#4 – Bentleyville

Bentleyville, a small city nestled in Cuyahoga County, comes in as the fourth richest city in the state. That also may be because of its small population – just 274 households.

With a median household income of $224,286, Bentleyville boasts the third-highest income level in Ohio.

The city’s average household income is $351,045.

#3 Indian Hill

Indian Hill, a village located northeast of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Ohio, has emerged as a prominent residential area.

With a population of approximately 6,080 and 2,364 households, Indian Hills is one of the most prosperous communities in the state.

According to recent data, Indian Hill boasts the third-highest average household income in Ohio, standing at $361,102.

The housing market is far more opulent, with the value of homes averaging at around $918,000.

#2 Coldstream

Coldstream, a city situated southeast of Cincinnati, has been recognized as the second wealthiest city in Ohio.

Boasting just 450 households, Coldstream’s average household income soars to an incredible $371,209, making it the highest in the entire state.

Coldstream’s median home value stands at around $623,000.

#1 Hunting Valley

Hunting Valley, nestled in Cuyahoga and Geauga counties, has secured its position as the wealthiest city in Ohio.

Despite its modest population of just over 760 people and 306 households, the median home value is around $1.4 million.

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