What Can the NFL Learn from Top Super Bowl Contenders?

The rest of the NFL will have been watching on across Divisional Round weekend, seeing the best eight NFL teams battle it out as they go look forward and dream of winning the Super Bowl. These teams put on a show, four went forward, but in terms of all eight, what can the rest of the NFL learn from their success, and what their strengths are?

For those looking to bet on NFL, as of January 26, the Kansas City Chiefs are +110 Super Bowl favorites, with the LA Rams their main challenger at +188. The San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals round off the teams left at this stage.

When the Super Bowl has been won, attention quickly turns to the draft, and this is where the struggling teams get their chance to shine and show what their future will look like. When that time arrives, expect to see many NFL draft tips available, and all eyes will be on which players come in, and if they are capable of changing a franchise.

Going into the draft, teams will be looking to come up with a plan, a way to increase the quality they have on the field, but also one that compliments what they already have, and gives them what they need.

When this is put together by each franchise, they should look at what the successful teams have got right this season, but what is that?

The Ability for Your Quarterback to Win a Game

Perhaps the biggest asset that the big teams have is their quarterback and their ability to win the game single-handedly. Going back to Divisional Round weekend, the tussle between Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen was something special to see, with huge respect shown at the end between the two superstars.

Both did enough to win the game, neither deserved to lose, and their play under pressure on a big stage is exactly what the lower teams should be looking to find if they are going to draft a quarterback.

Players to Look After a Quarterback

Not only do teams need a high-quality quarterback, but they also need to look after them. In their victory over the Titans, Joe Burrow was sacked nine times, as time and time again, the Titans’ defense managed to get through the Cincinnati offensive line and tackle Burrow.

The Bengals got away with it on that occasion, but this won’t happen every time and could lead to health problems for the quarterback who keeps getting hit. We all know that quarterbacks are the most important member of the team, and when they are not looked after, they cannot play as well and with no fear.

Looking after the quarterback is another high-quality aspect of the game for many teams who have played strong offense, such as the Kansas City Chiefs and LA Rams. Get this right, combined with adding a skilled quarterback, and teams towards the bottom of the NFL may find themselves competing higher up the standings.

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