What is causing the increase in tornadoes in Ohio?

Lakeview, Ohio (WDTN) — Ohio and the Midwest are in the path of new tornadoes as multiple tornadoes touch close to home.

There have been 43 tornadoes reported in the state so far this year, the most in the nation. This includes five more tornadoes confirmed last Wednesday, including an EF-0 in Champaign County.

In Logan County, the March 14 tornado was one of the strongest tornadoes reported in the state this year. Experts say the reason may be due to changing weather patterns.

“We're certainly on record pace from Ohio so far this year,” NWS Wilmington Meteorologist Logan Clark said.

The record for the most tornadoes in a year in Ohio was 62 in 1992. There have already been 43 such events this year, including several powerful tornadoes that have devastated communities in the Miami Valley. According to the National Weather Service, the winds at this time of year are stronger than usual.

“We're still just getting into the period of very strong winds. Well, during the winter, we usually see stronger jet streams moving toward the equator,” Clark said. Told.

Clark also said these winds typically move north, reducing some of the potential for tornadoes in late winter and early spring. These winds, combined with warmer weather, are creating these powerful storms.

“You get such warm, saturated air from the Gulf of Mexico. So if you have enough heat and moisture, you can combine that with favorable thermodynamics and a very strong, dynamic wind field.” said Mr. Clark.

Clark added that it's unclear whether this trend will continue, but tornadoes have been occurring earlier this year.

Logan County EMA Director Helen Norris said they are always prepared for severe weather. Norris said the focus is on making sure residents are notified in multiple ways when severe weather occurs, including a mobile phone app in addition to traditional tornado sirens.

“Sometimes you can hear sounds in the room, but that's not a guarantee,” Norris said.

Norris also told 2 NEWS that although some areas were damaged in the March 14 storm, they have been working hard to ensure 100% coverage of the area with outdoor sirens.

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