What is HUH Token And Why Should You Care?

2021 so far has been a pivotal year for the cryptocurrency world with more and more people deciding to invest their money into digital currency. According to figures from the Financial Conduct Authority, there are now 2.3 million adults in the UK who have invested in cryptocurrency. These figures are huge, and with increased interest comes an increase in the options available. There are endless cryptocurrencies to choose from, but some of the newer ones include HUH Token, Red Shiba, Safemoon, Anon Inu and many, many more. However, in this article, we will be focusing on the highly anticipated arrival of HUH Token.

What Is HUH Token?

HUH token is a cryptocurrency that is launching as soon as this week. The token uses blockchain technology to allow everyone to have a chance at earning unique rewards. The mysterious and anonymous creators claim that they strive to ‘challenge the status quo and create a source of income for everyone’.  It’s a big claim, and it has made HUH token worth watching.

HUH Token is a cryptocurrency that has an intelligent and easy to use referral system. In theory, this referral system could change how the whole game is played. The HUH Token developers state on their website that they have created a way for investors to earn extra income passively through a one-of-a-kind referral system. The idea is that if you refer someone, you then get 10% BNB from their first purchase. If the person you refer goes on to refer someone else, you also get 2% of that person’s purchase. The fun doesn’t stop there, as you both receive a discount sales tax from 20% to 10%.

Why Is It Unique?

You might be thinking, so what? And that is a very valid question as there are several tokens and coins available to invest in. When you decide to invest in cryptocurrency you want to pick one that you have faith in, and so to have that belief you need to invest in a crypto that you think has potential. It can be confusing and easy to get lost in a sea of cryptocurrency, but the best way to narrow down your options is to consider what makes each coin or token unique.

Below are some of the reasons why investors should consider HUH Token.

  1. Unique referral system designed to put cold hard cash straight into your wallet.
  2. First-ever cryptocurrency to distribute both BNB and Token.
  3. Refer someone and get a permanent sell tax reduction from 20% to 10%
  4. Refer someone and get 10% off their first purchase directly in BNB.
  5. You can refer an unlimited number of people.
  6. The system is designed to create generational wealth.
  7. HUH Token has a unique and ambitious roadmap.


It’s worth mentioning at this point that if you are trying to get rich quickly then HUH Token is probably not the one for you. The HUH Token Instagram page only has one post currently and it shows the phrase ‘Hold Until Gold’. What this suggests is that this cryptocurrency is designed to be held onto in the long run to maximise future profit.

Why Should You Care?

So, with all that in mind, why should you care? First off, HUH Token is not an exclusive cryptocurrency that only the more affluent investors can buy. What some cryptocurrencies do is distribute dividends to wealthier investors. When this happens, a larger investment is required to generate substantial profit. This is not something everyone can afford to do, and according to the HUH Token Whitepaper, the creators’ aim is;

To revolutionise this, in favour of the social investor, through smart contracts and a fair redistribution mechanism, one that will be easier for the average investor to understand and utilise.

So, even if you want to start with a small investment, it is still highly feasible that you can eventually make a worthwhile profit.

Secondly, the fact that you can refer an unlimited number of people is a huge bonus as you can continuously get 10% of any of your referees’ first purchases. Which presents a unique and easy way to earn extra income while doing absolutely nothing. With more people investing in crypto, it has become more accessible to the masses, but if you are someone who has never invested in cryptocurrency, then you should tread with caution. Do not get carried away and make sure you devote enough time to research your options before deciding whether or not investing is a good option for you.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of whether you are a well-seasoned crypto pro or if you are a first-time investor, HUH Token is an appealing option that caters to both audiences. The token has a lot of potential and it will be interesting to see how their journey pans out in the coming months.

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