What is the weather forecast for Northeast Ohio?

Sunshine is back in Northeast Ohio – especially on your Friday.

Cleveland — After a few days of interspersed lake effect rain, we are finally drying things Northeast Ohio today.

3News Meteorologist Hollie Strano explains, “I’m happy to report that the bright skies will continue. Don’t be discouraged by the cloud cover at first, but the sun will get stronger.” .

Temperatures remain low, but highs hover around 60 degrees.

With Ian’s wreckage likely to be seen in our area, Friday will also be dry with mostly clear skies if we focus on the weekend.

“Sunday will be windy and likely to be a rainy day in the area,” says Strano.

This is all subject to change based on what happens with Ian’s projected path.

Here’s the 3-day forecast:

today: dry. more and more sunshine. Around 60.

Friday: Mostly sunny. Mid 60’s.

Saturday: A mix of sun and clouds. the wind picks up. Mid 60’s.

Editor’s Note: The player video above was originally published in an unrelated article on June 24, 2022.

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