What will the weather be like on Memorial Day weekend?

Wheeling, West Virginia (WTRF) – Everyone wants to know what the weather will be like for the holiday season.

The good news is that the air patterns above are calm. Putting this on the surface, we won’t see much change in the weather heading into the holiday season.

Also thanks. We remember the brave sacrifices of active service members, past and present, who have served and defended our country. Thank you for that.

Weather forecast for Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday: It’s cloudy for the last weekend of May, but it’s also the weekend of Memorial Day. Check out what’s happening in your neighborhood, as there are a variety of events taking place nearby. The Ogden Newspaper’s Wellness Weekend kicks off Saturday with a variety of races, and runners seem to be on track for the start of the race. The temperature in the early morning when the race starts is in the mid to high 50s. The sky will be cloudy on the day and the maximum temperature will be in the mid 70s.

Sunday: Sunday’s weather update features more cloud cover for the day, with some showers. Widespread rain is not expected, but areas along and south of Interstate 70 are most likely to receive a few drops. A coastal cyclone is expected to head east and keep our region dry. The high temperature that day was in the mid 70s.

Monday: A similar setup is expected for Memorial Day on Monday. Nearby is cloudy skies with tropical humidity. Temperatures rise, from the high 70’s he tops out in the low 80’s. Showers are possible during the day (mainly in the morning), but most areas will remain dry. As the end of May approaches, the temperature starts to rise.

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