Wheeling High School golf team unites to represent WV

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — Two local teams are joining forces after winning individual state championships.

Both the Wheeling Park and Wheeling Central Catholic men’s golf teams will compete in a state tournament in October 2021, ultimately sharing the twin title winners’ trophy.

Both teams came together to celebrate their hard work at Fore Seasons Golf.

But these athletes, who have played golf together since childhood, are coming together to represent their state in more than one way.

I decided to share the trophy. As soon as the photo appeared in the newspaper, it was just his one team. It was one state championship instead of two separate schools. It became very interesting for most of us. Therefore, a few parents from the park and those from Wheeling Central decided to participate. The national competition will be held in team competition.

Jim Mortakis, Golf Coach, Wheeling Central Catholic High School

Not only is it great to see them together, but I hope it will be an inspiration for this community, not just for sports. . We are ready to rejuvenate and it could be a group of kids like this that teaches adults a lesson.

Jason Koegler, Parent, Wheeling Park High School Golf

These young men are working hard beyond golf and are hosting a joint spaghetti dinner at St. Michael’s Church on April 16th.

They also host youth golf events to lend their skills to the next generation of Park and Central golfers.

All of this is to support one team on their way to a national competition later this year, July 17-19, representing West Virginia.

https://www.wtrf.com/news/wheeling-high-school-golf-teams-unite-to-represent-wv/ Wheeling High School golf team unites to represent WV

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