Wheeling House Fire injures two people, and a local university hosts a Catholic-Jewish conference to fight antisemitism: Here’s a look back at the week’s top headlines

(WTRF) – A Wheeling house fire sends two people to the hospital and a local university hosts a conference reflecting on antisemitism.  

7News Anchor/Reporter Annalise Murphy looks back at this week’s top stories.  

Officials release updated information on 2 people injured in Wheeling fire

A house fire broke out Monday night in the Upper Power Avenue area of Wheeling.  

Two people made it out of the residence and were sent to the hospital with burn injuries and are expected to recover.  

The woman inside the residence suffered severe injuries and the man inside was burned. 

A dog also made it out with burn injuries.  

Officials believe the fire is the result of an explosion of some kind.  

West Virginia economists forecast strong local growth at the 2023 Outlook Conference

It’s a conference that provides a solid economic outlook for not only this region, but also the state and nation. 

Wheeling Chamber of Commerce held their 2023 economic outlook conference Thursday to talk about the national, state and regional economy.  

For the state of West Virginia, economic growth is region dependent. Our region in the Ohio County area is expected to grow in the next five years.

“Ohio County is one of the growth counties going forward, according to our projections. You know, here at this event we lay out a five-year forecast for growth across the state and for all counties. Again, many of the counties are going to be stagnant going forward. But Ohio is one of the counties that are in the right category, that are growing, that are adding jobs, that have momentum.”  

John Deskins | Director of WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Deskins says Ohio County’s urban setting is a large factor in the growing economy.    

New pediatric center in the Ohio Valley will feature an after-hours clinic to accommodate working parents

WVU Medicine announced plans for a brand-new pediatric center. 

It will be located across from the main campus at WVU Medicine Wheeling Hospital in the old continuous care center on the entire first floor. 

It will feature different entrances for kids that are sick, or coming for routine appointments, as well as an after-hours clinic to accommodate working parents.

Physicians from Wheeling and Reynolds hospitals will be there, along with physicians from WVU Medicine Children’s Hospital in Morgantown. 

Franciscan University Catholic-Jewish conference reflects on antisemitism

Franciscan University is usually known for its Catholicism, but this week they hosted a three-day summit to explore the faith’s connection to Judaism and how Catholics can fight antisemitism. 

The ‘Nostra Aetate’ discussed the bitter past relationship between the two religions.  

The name refers to a 1960s declaration from Pope Paul the Sixth saying Catholics need to remember their religion grew out of Judaism.  

“It’s very painful to look at one’s church history and to recognize it and where we have fallen short as Christians. But I think the first thing we have to do, which really John Paul II is our huge advocate example, is to apologize. But before we can apologize, we also have to know where we really failed.” 

Simone Rizkallah | Special Advisor to President, Philos Project

The seminar helped develop a closer cooperation between the religions after a history of mistrust.   

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https://www.wtrf.com/top-stories/wheeling-house-fire-injures-two-people-and-a-local-university-hosts-a-catholic-jewish-conference-to-fight-antisemitism-heres-a-look-back-at-the-weeks-top-headlines/ Wheeling House Fire injures two people, and a local university hosts a Catholic-Jewish conference to fight antisemitism: Here’s a look back at the week’s top headlines

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