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Wheeling officials announce new exempt sites for homeless people

Wheeling, West Virginia (WTRF) – A new exemption site for Wheeling's homeless population is being established to relocate people from its current location on 18th Street.

It's located about 200 meters south of the Hempfield Viaduct and near a maintenance trail, Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron said.

Recently, the West Virginia Department of Highways notified the city that homeless people will no longer be able to use the currently exempt locations.

WVDOH has safety concerns because the location is on an underpass.

Heron says 18th The street has always been temporary, and the current location is becoming overcrowded as winter freeze shelters close.

“We knew from the beginning that if the winter freeze shelter was closed, it would be overgrown with trees. So the area we designated is city-owned land. And you know, it's a larger, larger area. So homeless people who want to stay outside will be given a little more room to spread out.”

Robert Heron Wheeling City Manager

Herron said homeless people staying in newly exempted areas will be responsible for keeping the area clean and that he reserves the right to revoke the exemption.

The city will provide sanitation and trash services at the new site.

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https://www.wtrf.com/top-stories/wheeling-officials-announce-new-exemption-site-for-homeless/ Wheeling officials announce new exempt sites for homeless people

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