Wheeling's new exempt homeless camp will thrive if residents take ownership and keep it clean

WHEELING, W.Va. (WTRF) — A new exempt homeless camp in Wheeling appears to be operating smoothly.

City Manager Bob Herron spoke today about how things have gone so far and what needs to happen going forward. Continue It will happen – in the future.

Exempt camps have separate campsites.

City management said it appears residents are taking ownership.

It's kept clean, which he says is key to long-term success.

We have trash cans here, so I think there's a big opportunity here. The fact that there is an atmosphere of permanence here, we have no intention of uprooting these people in the near future, and hopefully we can move them to managed camps, but the important thing is to keep the debris and trash, Please remove anything of that nature. ”

Bob Herron, Wheeling City Manager

The camp is gated and locked by the city and is closed to public vehicles.

However, service providers (Project HOPE, Street MOM, Trash Talkers, etc.) can drive back to the exempt area through two gates. ”

Bob Herron, Wheeling City Manager

Street MOM suggested that the system needs to be adjusted as sometimes people are locked out when they need to enter.

There's a gate down here and you have to open it so you can drive the van down here with water and tools and everything that needs to be unloaded. We also need to get people in and out. ”

Lynn Kettler, Street MOM

Other than this communication gap, the camp seems to be functioning well.

Camping here is going really well. We need your help to get this far. They put in the effort, own it, and reduce waste. If you look at it now, you can see that it looks great. ”

Lynn Kettler, Street MOM

We have been able to eliminate camping on public property and create exempt sites, which has been very successful so far. ”

Bob Herron, Wheeling City Manager

The camp is located 1.5 miles from soup kitchens, Catholic Charities and other resources that people experiencing homelessness often turn to.

When asked about possible transportation for them, Herron said transportation is “not a role for the city.”

https://www.wtrf.com/top-stories/new-exempted-homeless-camp-in-wheeling-thrives-as-residents-take-ownership-and-keep-it-clean/ Wheeling's new exempt homeless camp will thrive if residents take ownership and keep it clean

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