Why Choose Laravel for Your Next Web Project

If you are in the midst of redesigning your website and ask what the greatest framework to utilize is, you should select Laravel quickly for your next project. But, on the other hand, if you are asking yourself, why should I do that where tens of other techs seemingly do the same thing as Laravel? Well, you’ve said the answer yourself – seemingly do.

Now let’s analyze why people choose Laravel, and why according to Builtwith’s 2019 research, over 1.1 million websites globally have chosen Laravel as their leading tech behind the success. Moreover, this number is constantly increasing each day.

By now, you should realize that Laravel is not the only PHP framework out there. So before we move on to the benefits of choosing Laravel, you have to know that you have other options, too – you could really use CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend Framework, etc.

However, Laravel is certainly one of the most popular PHP frameworks to employ; nevertheless – see its overtime interest: That’s why it would be in your best interest to look for a Laravel developer for hire and have everything run as smoothly as possible.

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Laravel is the only one of the existing PHP frameworks that have been this popular and taking the lead role in many developing websites and companies worldwide for more than five years.

6 Laravel Framework Benefits

Now you have to ask why your next website is in Laravel and what are Laravel’s benefits over others? There are eight reasons we propose that you choose Laravel with your next project to just get you started:

It’s fast and easy

As the number-one PHP framework, Laravel already represents a framework that is recognizable to most web developers, not to forget the range of integrated templates that simplifies and facilitates development by developers. This implies that a skilled developer from Laravel may easily construct a five or six-page website in one day or two. A rapid development period will lead to cheaper expenses and faster commercial outcomes.

Safety is essential

For most companies, security is the number one issue. Advanced security measures may be configured easily on most websites to improve safety and safeguard websites from hackers and cybercriminals using Laravel. Laravel utilizes a Script hacker algorithm to get a little technical, which means that no passwords are saved on the database. Laravel also offers outstanding user authentication when compared with other PHP frameworks, and it’s easy to implement limited access features. This ensures safe, secure information for you and your customers.

Better performance of the website

Unlike many other settings, Laravel provides out-of-box caching for your website, which is fantastic to speed up your site. In addition, Laravel provides various speed optimization strategies, such as decreased memory use and easily implemented database indexing, to improve your website performance. This makes Laravel a great choice for your organization if you have the need for site speed and SEO friendliness.

Excellent for Traffic-Handling

The amount of traffic to your website will likely rise as your company expands. A Laravel-built website can process requests significantly faster than most other frameworks. In addition, Laravel has a unique message queue mechanism, meaning that you may send emails to particular website jobs till later. The ability to regulate operations that take time implies that your website can process jobs faster. Not only will that maintain the server on your website healthy, but it will also reduce your hosting expenses over time.

Extremely flexible

Laravel can construct an eCommerce site or a professional, basic B2B site. Thanks to its vast pre-installed permission library, it has a range of sophisticated features, including password reset and encryption, created and supported. There are also tons of third parties to provide a variety of features and functions on your Website, such as Socialite, so visitors may subscribe to your site via their social network profiles if you want this option to be integrated.

Easy third-party integrations

Nearly every site should be integrated with some type of third-party application. This might include a payment system such as Stripe or even Paypal. And sometimes might also include a marketing tool your business employs. Regardless of the connectivity, Laravel makes it easy for third-party apps to integrate with its clear APIs. So, whether your website requires a payment system or an automated marketing tool, Laravel is a powerful supporter.

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